Cristiano Ronaldo tells Piers Morgan he 'trusts only four people in the world' after rape allegation ordeal

CRISTIANO Ronaldo only trusts four people after his rape ordeal left him feeling isolated and embarrassed.

The Juventus striker, 34, was reduced to tears in an emotional interview with Piers Morgan which moved thousands of viewers last night.

He bravely discussed a number of issues which have rocked his life in recent years and broke down when watching a never-before-seen interview with his alcoholic dad who died aged 52 in 2005.

The Portuguese star also opened up about the shocking rape claims made by Kathryn Mayorga – allegations which he strenuously denied before the case was dropped.

He said he tried to shield his kids from the allegations by turning off TV news reports at the time. 


But he also revealed what life is like being one of the greatest footballers on the planet, adding how he can only trust a handful of people.

He told Piers on ITV: "I’m not going to say names, because I don’t think it is fair.

"But I will say four persons, 100 per cent trust, four persons.

"I have very close friends, family, but who I trust 100 per cent, it's maybe four persons. Life is like that."

The dad-of-four also revealed how he and his friend dressed up as rock stars to sneak into a Madrid club for a New Year’s Eve party in 2009.

Viewers were shown a picture of him and his pal Ricky wearing a wig and glasses – with Ronaldo saying it was “one of the best nights” of his life because he wasn’t recognised when he walked in.

He said: “I said to Ricky that we have to go out, we have to go to a disco – it's New Year's Eve.

“We bought a wig, with natural hair, better than my hair. We went out in the centre of Madrid.

But I will say four persons – 100 per cent trust – four persons

"People said we looked like rockstars. I said we are only going to speak English because no one will know who we are.

“I only spoke Portuguese to my friend Ricky, one guy behind me said 'Cristiano, I know it's you'."

But many didn't believe him and Ronaldo and his friend were able enjoy the night without being hounded.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid forward later joked that his favourite goal – his overhead kick against Juventus – was not as good as sex with his "Geo".

He also bragged about owning 17 cars and having "good money in the bank".

However, he also lifted the lid on his humble upbringing – revealing how he and friends begged for free burgers from McDonald's when they were 11.


He said: "We were hungry. We had a McDonald's next to the stadium and we knocked on the door and asked if they had any burgers."

Ronaldo also complained about not being able to go to the park with his kids.

He said: "I haven't been to the park with my kids. If I go, people turn up and my kids are nervous, my girlfriend is nervous, I'm nervous.

"When you are in public, you cannot be yourself. It's boring."

Describing the video of his dad he saw for the first time, he added: "I never saw that video. Unbelievable.

"I thought the interview would be funny, but I didn’t expect to cry."

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