Darts legend who once walked to the oche with a horse plays final match on TV

Darts legend Bob Anderson has bowed out from competitive action – nearly 30 years on from his iconic horse walk-on.

The Limestone Cowboy, 75, recently called time on his professional career, with his final TV appearance coming at the World Senior Masters this afternoon (June 24).

He lost his first-round clash with Richie Howson 4-0 but was given a heartwarming send off at Westlands in Yeovil, getting one last walk-on. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite the one he made at the Circus Tavern during the PDC World Darts Championship in December 1994.

Anderson was joined by a horse as he made his way to the Oche, walking in front of it rather than riding it due to the low ceilings in the building.

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To this day it remains a legendary moment in the sport, with Anderson telling Sports Gazette in 2018: “I still get people coming up to me asking if I’m the guy that walked on with the horse.

“That damn horse gets more publicity than I do. None of it was my idea. I think horses are fabulous creatures, but there isn’t one alive that likes me.

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"For a cowboy to say that, it’s pretty hypocritical. That horse was incredible — an ex-police hunter, 17 hands. I was far more bloody nervous than he was.”

During the height of his career in the 1980s, Anderson was world No. 1 for over three years. He was 1988 BDO world champion and became the first man to win the Masters in three successive years.

Speaking about retirement, he told Live Darts: "It was a difficult decision, I have to be honest. Not one that I really wanted to make and one that I've probably been putting off for about a year.

"But I realised I'm no longer as competitive as I want to be or used to be. It's a bitter pill to swallow but I'm a realist."

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