Meet Man Utd star Romero's Wag Eliana, who blasted the club after his transfer to Everton fell through

SHOULD Man Utd star Sergio Romero need a new agent, he could look no further than his Wag.

The Argentine shotstopper, 33, reportedly had his heart set on a move to Everton on transfer deadline day.

However, the Red Devils are believed to have blocked the deal – and Everton signed Robin Olsen from Roma instead.

And that left Eliana Guercio, 42, furious. She immediately took to Instagram and demanded respect for her husband.

She wrote: "Last trophy they won, they lifted it with him. He helped the team reach 4 finals/semifinals and then he was left on the bench only to lose them all.

“It is time for them to return the opportunity and let him go. RESPECT FOR ONCE!!!!!”

But who is the fiery blonde sticking for her man?

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Over the years Eliana was a men's lifestyle magazine staple, appearing in many underwear and bikini shoots in South America.

She has also starred on TV in Argentina – most notably in “Más que diferente”, appearing fully nude on the show.

Eliana and Sergio met in 2008 and instantly fell in love.

Within seven months, pair married – and they have three children together, Jazmin, Chloe and Meghan.


According to reports, pop star and football-fan Rihanna had a crush on Romero before the 2014 World Cup.

Any normal wife would have been horrified that the gorgeous singer may have declared an interest in their husband – but not Eliana.

She even joked that she would lend Romero to the Barbadian beauty, if Argentina won the World Cup!

"If we win the World Cup, I will let her have him for a week," she said.


Keeping in line with her tempestuous nature, Eliana wasn't afraid to blast her neighbours in Manchester, who took offence to a playground installed in the backyard of their £2.8million home.

Neighbours believed it was an eyesore and distracted passing drivers because it was too big.

Eliana said she can't understand what all the fuss is about.

She told Caras: “Where we put up the playground is part of our house, I don’t understand why the neighbours got annoyed.

“You can’t see the place where we put it, and besides, as soon as we put it up we went away for two months.

“We came to Argentina, afterwards we went to the beach and afterwards when we returned, the girls went back to school.

“After 4pm, it’s already cold, so the girls don’t go out in the garden.”

Word of warning, this is one lady you don't want to get on her bad side.

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