Minor League Baseball Announcer Calls His Own Sweet Catch: "I Am Very Proud Of Myself!"

In a minor league game between the Somerset Patriots and the High Point Rockers Wednesday night, a foul ball was spun back into the crowd, in the direction of the open window of Patriots broadcaster Marc Schwartz. Schwartz, who appears to be very good at his job while possessing the reflexes of a cat, did his profession proud:

“Cardullo swings and fouls it off, towards the broadcast booth, and I make the catch on the foul ball! I am very proud of myself! I hope somebody got video of that, as I caught it on the fly. And it’s a 1–2 count … boy am I impressive! What a play by me!”

Schwartz had his signature Raised Hands-Double Fist Punch-Point To Crowd celebration moves primed for the moment, because he is nothing if not clutch:

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