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HE'S game for a laugh. Patrice Evra, 40, has had us in stitches over the years sharing some hilarious social media posts.

The French defender has done everything from getting off with a monkey to feeding a lion. In honour of the funniest footballer on Instagram, SunSport celebrates the veteran star's best social media moments.

Keeping it festive

For Evra the spirit of Christmas is perfectly captured by a dancing reindeer, well if his most recent Instagram post is to be believed!

The hilarious star dresses up in a reindeer suit and shakes along to the Soca Boys hit Follow the Leader in a brilliant clip.

He also insists: "If you don’t believe in Santa you must tell your kid mini black Santa is the real one" in the video.

After getting 'Rudolph' dizzy he adds a comical trip to proceedings.

That time he dressed up as a panda

Patrice had a novel idea when it came to stamping out racism in football. He dressed up like a panda, danced and delivered a fine speech to his 3.7 million Instagram followers. Evra said: "Be like a panda. I am black, I am white, I am Asian and I am chubby. I am full of love. I love this game, say no to racism.”

Patrice Evra dances in a Panda suit and encourages people to say no to racism

Taunting England

Singing into some fish and chips and wearing a Gallagher brother wig, Evra joked dinosaurs were alive the last time England won a major trophy ahead the Euro 2020 semi-final against Denmark in a hilarious clip back in the summer. He begins by singing along to Fatboy Slim's 1999 hit Praise You before shouting, "It's Monday," down the camera. He continues: "Everyone's been waiting for this for so long. "Last time England won a trophy, even the dinosaurs were still alive! "Come on chaps! You can do this! Come on!"

When he got the seal of approval

Over the years Patrice's "I love this game" catchphrase has come in handy for his social media posts. None more so when he bellowed out his mantra as a huge seal was being fed behind him. Cue said seal resting his head on top of Evra's in the ultimate act of comic timing that couldn't have been done better than Morecambe and Wise.

Patrice Evra makes friends with a seal in heartwarming new video

One Love

That's exactly how we felt when we saw Evra's incredible Bob Marley impression. Wearing the reggae star's trademark beanie hat with dreadlocks attached, he belted out the Jamaican's hit, One Love. He definitely left us feeling together and alright after seeing this splashed on social.

Patrick Evra sings Bob Marley classic, One Love

Jeep thrills

Is there a better way to prove you'll come back stronger and fitter than ever? We don't think so. After having his contract terminated by Marseille, Evra took to social media to tell fans he'll be back. He did it in the most extravagant way with a video that saw him pulling a Jeep.

Patrice Evra vows to come back ‘stronger than ever’ as he pulls JEEP with man on top

Doing some home chores

There could be nothing more boring than ironing. But if you do it the way Evra does it, then you're likely to have a right laugh. The left back treated us to a video of him ironing his Juventus Champions League shirt, while singing along to Barry White. For the record, he sang Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe brilliantly.

Patrice Evra posts clip of himself doing the ironing to Barry White!

Feeding a lion

He's so flamboyant, he feeds lions. And he showed his love for his feline friend by giving the cub some milk from a bottle in a video uploaded last year. Evra captioned the vid: "Good night my little friend need some milk. I love this game. #ilovethisgame #goodnight #lion #babywhitelion #positivevibes #milk." He debuted the lion in 2018, but we haven't seen it for a while.

Boxer Amir Khan and footballer Patrice Evra feed milk to baby lions

Evra's Bank Holiday song

The former Man United star showed us the way on May 1, 2017 on a Bank Holiday by bursting into song. He chose The Temptations hit My Girl and displayed signs that he could have a future as a pop star. If you're watching, Simon Cowell look no further than signing this man up.

Patrice Evra gets into the Bank Holiday spirit as he sings My Girl in his car

His love of Marvin Gaye

There's no doubt about it, Evra is a huge fan of the soul legend. Only last month, he treated us to a bizarre impression of Gaye, wearing a bathrobe, sunglasses and a curly wig. Even more strange was the fact he seemed to have lost one of his £825 shoes while performing Sexual Healing.

Patrice Evra does Marvin Gaye impression in his bathrobe – and one shoe

Kissing a chimpanzee

In probably the greatest video any footballer has uploaded to social media, Evra's kissing chimp moment will live on forever. The full-back can be seen puckering up next to the chimp as he asks the monkey: "You love my game or not? Then kiss me." Evra jokes: "No tongues," as the chimp leans in and obliges. It's comedy gold.

Ex-Man Utd star Patrice Evra puckers up and kisses a chimpanzee

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