Ricky Hatton reveals Tyson Fury phoned him to help up after Hitman posted ‘not having my best day’ on Instagram – The Sun

RICKY HATTON praised pal Tyson Fury for calling him to help him through a low spell.

Former two-time world champ Hatton is now a boxing trainer while the Gypsy King is pondering his future after trilogy glory against Deontay Wilder

But both legends have endured battles with depression and Hatton has openly spoken out about his suicidal thoughts in the past. 

The Hitman, who also fought off drug and alcohol addiction, told how help from friends and professionals turned him around.

And last year he revealed how Fury intervened unexpectantly.

He told IFL TV: "I put a thing on my Instagram, 'Not having my best day, but we've gotta get on with it'.

"Do you know who phoned me? Tyson Fury, within ten minutes, 'Hiya Rick, what's up with you? You alright?'… That's the man, Tyson, just to make sure I was alright."

The pair are good friends with Fury, inviting Hatton to be in his corner against Wilder in the first of their three thrilling fights

Fury used to drink 18 pints of lager at the height of his depression with his weight ballooning to 400lb.

At his lowest point he attempted to drive his Ferrari into a motorway bridge — only to stop at the last minute as he thought about his five children.

Since recovering, Fury has been a big advocate in helping others who are going through similar issues.



He took to Instagram to send a message to his followers encouraging them to speak out if they had any mental health issues.

Fury said: "This message goes out there to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar, any mental health issues.

“I was one of the first people to speak openly about it in recent times; this is a special message to you.

“You can do it you know, you’ve just got to think of the positive things you have in your life.

"Positive things meaning being able to walk, breath in fresh air; you don’t need no help for walking around and doing things.

“Just keep positive – keep busy and everything is going to be alright.

“There’s plenty of people out there all in the same boat and it’s a hard fight that we must continue to fight – NEVER GIVE UP.”

Whatever you're going through, call the Samaritans for free on 116 123

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