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WHILE the nauseating cretins passing as our politicians procrastinate over Brexit, what about relations with Europe’s football chiefs?

The Big Six teams have long been waging a greedy campaign for a bigger slice of the Premier League pie.

The top sides — you know who — have threatened breakaways and, ludicrously, the rest of the clubs voted for them to be
given a bigger share of overseas TV rights money.

The next frontier is the overseas rights, not least because domestic ones have stalled.

But the Premier League elite are in danger of getting done over by our continental cousins.

The proposed Champions League revamp is a real threat to the financial beast that is England’s top flight.

Just like our politicians fighting the EU, we’ve seen lines drawn and retreated from.

The Champions League is being leveraged by other countries to increase their revenues and then act as a gateway to a European Super League.

It’s no secret that some of Europe’s top clubs are campaigning relentlessly to achieve this. If they are successful, it will be a hammer blow for our domestic game.

Champions League revenues dwarf the Premier League returns.

Win the Premier League and you’ll get £150million for playing 38 games. Win the Champions League and the prize is £80m — but you only have to play 13 games.

That’s half of the money for a third of the games.

Fifa — that grubby organisation that requires a good Dettol dip — is already trying to create a new raft of tournaments.

Uefa, pressurised by clubs like Juventus, want to increase the number of Champions League matches the finalists would have to play from 13 to 21. Of course, the other thing they want to increase is money and power.

And just how will this money benefit the game?

Oh I know, it’s going to enable the likes of Alexis Sanchez to get more and more money and ultimately drive fans further away.

Our European football friends are circling the wagons. Javier Tebas, boss of Spain’s La Liga, even had the audacity to suggest the Premier League is breaking the transfer market with ridiculous fees.


He seems to have forgotten that six of the top ten biggest fees in history have been paid by Spanish clubs.

In Italy, Andrea Agnelli of Juventus — that great club once demoted for corruption — leads the European contingent focused solely on increasing the Champions League to get more cash to compete with us in Blighty.

And what of the other nations in the European alliance known as the Champions League?

The big six in England, in grabbing huge overseas money, may have inadvertently caused the lesser countries in the Champions League to bellyache.

They are now claiming the sales of overseas TV rights for the big five leagues — England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany — in their countries are wrecking their own domestic TV revenues!

Does this intrigue in Europe know no end? Will football be caught in its own Game of Thrones scenario like Brexit, or should we just prorogue discussions until the sport learns more integrity?

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