Tokyo 2020 swimming schedule: Day-by-day events, dates and times at Olympic Games

Swimming takes centre stage again during the first week of the Tokyo Olympics, with Adam Peaty having already retained his 100m breaststroke crown.

Peaty became the first British swimmer to successfully defend an Olympic title after roaring to victory in Monday’s final in 57.37 seconds, the fifth-fastest time in the history of the event, with runner-up Arno Kamminga a distant 0.63secs adrift.

There was an upset in the women’s 400 metres freestyle as Ariarne Titmus dethroned the USA’s defending champion, Katie Ledecky. The six-time Olympic gold medallist hit the front early on at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre and was just ahead at the halfway stage, but Titmus upped her level to come home in a time of three minutes and 56.69 seconds.

Elsewhere, there was a major shock in the men’s 400 metres freestyle as 18-year-old Ahmed Hafnaoui stunned a series of swimming’s major stars to clinch only the fourth gold medal in Tunisia’s history.

Here is a list of the Olympic swimming schedule in full:


Saturday, 24 July – 11am-1.30pm

  • Men’s 400m individual medley heats
  • Women’s 100m butterfly heats
  • Men’s 400m freestyle heats
  • Women’s 400m individual medley heats
  • Men’s 100m breaststroke heats
  • Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay heats

Sunday, 25 July – 2.30am-4.30am

  • Men’s 400m individual medley final
  • Women’s 100m butterfly semis
  • Men’s 400m freestyle final
  • Women’s 400m individual medley final
  • Men’s 100m breaststroke semis
  • Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay final


  • Women’s 100m backstroke heats
  • Men’s 200m freestyle heats
  • Women’s 100m breaststroke heats
  • Men’s 100m backstroke heats
  • Women’s 400m freestyle heats
  • Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay heats

Monday, 26 July – 2.30am-4.30am

  • Women’s 100m butterfly final
  • Men’s 200m freestyle semi-finals
  • Women’s 100m breaststroke semis
  • Men’s 100m breaststroke final
  • Women’s 400m freestyle final
  • Men’s 100m backstroke semis
  • Women’s 100m backstroke semis
  • Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay final


  • Women’s 200m freestyle heats
  • Men’s 200m butterfly heats
  • Women’s 200m individual medley heats
  • Women’s 1500m freestyle heats

Tuesday, 27 July – 2.30am-4.30am

  • Women’s 200m freestyle semis
  • Men’s 200m freestyle final
  • Women’s 100m backstroke final
  • Men’s 100m backstroke final
  • Women’s 100m breaststroke final
  • Men’s 200m butterfly semis
  • Women’s 200m individual medley semis


  • Men’s 100m freestyle heats
  • Women’s 200m butterfly heats
  • Men’s 200m breaststroke heats
  • Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay heats
  • Men’s 800m freestyle heats

Wednesday, 28 July – 2.30am-5.05am

  • Men’s 100m freestyle semis
  • Women’s 200m freestyle final
  • Men’s 200m butterfly final
  • Women’s 200m butterfly semis
  • Men’s 200m breaststroke semis
  • Women’s 200m individual medley final
  • Women’s 1500m freestyle final
  • Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay final


  • Women’s 100m freestyle heats
  • Men’s 200m backstroke heats
  • Women’s 200m breaststroke heats
  • Men’s 200m individual medley heats
  • Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay heats

Thursday, 29 July – 2.30am-5.15am

  • Men’s 800m freestyle final
  • Men’s 200m breaststroke final
  • Women’s 100m freestyle semis
  • Men’s 200m backstroke semis
  • Women’s 200m butterfly final
  • Men’s 100m freestyle final
  • Women’s 200m breaststroke semis
  • Men’s 200m individual medley semis
  • Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay final


  • Women’s 800m freestyle heats
  • Men’s 100m butterfly heats
  • Women’s 200m backstroke heats
  • Mixed 4x100m medley relay heats

Friday, 30 July – 2.30am-4.30am

  • Men’s 100m butterfly semis
  • Women’s 200m breaststroke final
  • Men’s 200m backstroke final
  • Women’s 100m freestyle final
  • Men’s 200m individual medley final
  • Women’s 200m backstroke semis


  • Men’s 50m freestyle heats
  • Women’s 50m freestyle heats
  • Men’s 1500m freestyle heats
  • Women’s 4x100m medley relay heats
  • Men’s 4x100m medley relay heats

Saturday, 31 July – 2.30am-4.30am

  • Men’s 100m butterfly final
  • Women’s 200m backstroke final
  • Women’s 800m freestyle final
  • Men’s 50m freestyle semis
  • Women’s 50m freestyle semis
  • Mixed 4x100m medley relay final

Sunday, 1 August – 2.30am-4.30am

  • Men’s 50m freestyle final
  • Women’s 50m freestyle final
  • Men’s 1500m freestyle final
  • Women’s 4x100m medley relay final
  • Men’s 4x100m medley relay final

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