Tuohy family attorney slams Michael Oher's 'completely false' petition

Tuohy family attorney blasts Michael Oher’s petition as ‘aberrant behavior’ as he claims ex-NFL star’s Blind Side allegations are ‘completely false’: ‘Paper trails don’t lie’

  • Michael Oher petitioned a Tennessee court to end the Tuohys’ conservatorship
  • The ex-NFL player claimed he was tricked into signing the conservatorship 
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Michael Oher’s petition claiming he was tricked into signing a conservatorship by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy is ‘completely false,’ an attorney for the family has claimed. 

Oher, the former NFL offensive lineman who became the inspiration for the book and movie, The Blind Side, filed a petition in a Tennessee court on Monday accusing Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy of lying about adopting him.

Instead, the filing claims that they tricked him into signing a conservatorship which allowed them strike a deal to profit off his story when the book and movie were popularized more than a decade ago.

Steve Farese Sr., an attorney for the Tuohy family, claimed the petition was fabricated, insisting there is proof the case is a lie. 

‘It’s completely false,’ Farese said on NewsNation’s ‘CUOMO’ Tuesday night. ‘And when the proof comes out, everyone will see the truth. 

Michael Oher (center) allegations against the Tuohy family have been slammed as false

‘You know, numbers don’t lie. Paper trails don’t lie. And when the proper time comes and we present the truth, I think it will be evident to everyone of what’s going on here.’

The Blind Side grossed $309million with the Tuohy family receiving a cut. However, Oher claimed that the family used to the conservatorship to deny him millions in profit from the popular film. 

But Farese shutdown those allegations and claimed that the cut was divided between five – Oher, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy and their two children, Collins and Sean Jr. 

He claimed that each member of the Tuohy family received a cut for their ‘sacrifice’ for Oher’s football career. 

‘Because that was what was agreed upon by the family during a family meeting,’ he told Chris Cuomo when asked why everyone received a payday from the movie. 

‘And you have to understand, Chris, this story wasn’t just about Michael Oher. This story was about a family, about a brother, about a sister, about her mother, about her father. All of them sacrificed for Michael.’

Another attorney representing the Tuohys, Marty Singer, claimed in a statement Tuesday that Oher had previously tried to shake the family down, demanding $15million. 

And if they didn’t, Singer claimed, the former Ole Miss standout said he would ‘plant a negative story about them in the press.’

Oher was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens with the 23rd overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft

Michael Oher earned $34.5 million over nine NFL seasons after The Blind Side’s release

Farese couldn’t offer an explanation for Oher’s actions, suggesting someone else could be persuading him to file the petition.   

‘You know, Chris, if I could read minds, I wouldn’t be practicing law,’ he said. ‘I’d be at the casino. 

‘So we haven’t figured out what is going on. What is the motive? Has someone gotten in his ear? We don’t know. But it certainly aberrant behavior.’

Oher’s ‘adoptive’ brother SJ Tuohy recently claimed on Barstool Sports radio that he had last seen the former football player in 2021 but insisted that they had been in contact through text throughout the year until a couple of months ago. 

Oher played five seasons with the Ravens before one in Tennessee and his final two in Carolina

Farese supported SJ’s claims, insisting the Tuohy’s had tried to maintain contact with Oher but he had been unresponsive to their attempts. 

‘The family has tried to stay in contact by sending him Christmas presents, things of this nature.,’ he added. ‘But he has not been responsive when he has been responsive. It’s been troubling what has been text. And of course, that will come out later.’ 

The 23rd pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, Oher enjoyed a successful nine-year career despite some injury problems. After five seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, which included a Super Bowl win, Oher went on to play for the Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers before retiring after the 2017 season.

For his career, Oher earned $34.5 million.

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