Watch Anthony Joshua break down Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch to his friends – The Sun

ANTHONY JOSHUA channelled his inner Bruce Lee has he taught his mates how to train and throw his famous one-inch punch.

The Brit former heavyweight superstar was giving a lesson into the art of how to lift weights properly when he went slightly off topic.

AJ, 29, begins by stressing the importance of keeping his back straight when lifting weights.

He then uses legendary actor and martial arts genius Bruce Lee as his example into how to throw a punch.

Lee, who died aged 32 in 1973, was a pioneer for mixed martial arts and popularised the "one-inch punch".

It is a strike that is performed at a range of 0-15 cm from a target, being able to generate an extraordinary amount of power from such a short distance.

Addressing his mates, Joshua said: "The true definition of lifting a weight is engaging your glutes, your core and lifting them here.

"What Bruce Lee was intending to do was to make sure his whole body was engaged so if he needed to throw a punch…"

Joshua then rapidly punches the air to a chorus of laughter from those in the room.

He continues: "You know what I'm saying? He's always engaged.

"Bruce Lee was all about engaging his core, that's why he had the one-inch punch.

"That's how to be in the position to punch. You're always engaged. He learns to keep all his body engaged."

Joshua will be hoping to put practice into good use when he looks to win back his title belts in 12 weeks time against Andy Ruiz Jr.

And while AJ is showing off her version of the one-inch punch, his Mexican rival highlighted his danger by sending his coach's pad flying in a workout session.

He captioned the clip: “Feeling good, camp is in full effect. My team and I are working hard one step closer to being ready for Dec 7th.”

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