Watch astonishing moment Speedway star Craig Cook starts mass brawl which saw him banned – The Sun

GREAT BRITAIN star Craig Cook has been given a 12-day ban by the Speedway Control Bureau after his role in a brawl with riders and track staff at Eastbourne.

Cook, 32, has been banned along with fellow England international Eddie Kennett and Dane Claus Vissing who have both been slapped with ten-day suspensions.

In a video seen on Facebook, Cook can be seen coasting around the corner as a steward waves a red flag – calling the riders back to the pit.

But as Cook rounds the corner, the steward walks towards the rider, getting in his way causing a collision.

A furious Cook then thrusts his helmeted head towards the steward, before fans intervene.

The racer than launches a series of punches on the supporters – at this stage on the track.


The incident on August 3 sparked a mass melee on the track, with fans, riders and track officials all getting involved.

Former Grand Prix rider Cook has had his say on the scuffle, suggesting he was reacting to the "intimidating atmosphere" at the Sussex circuit.

Last week, Cook admitted: “I wasn’t happy with track conditions and there was a very intimidating atmosphere.

“Anyone that was there knows what subsequently ensued.

“For the part I played in that I sincerely apologise.

“I understand that I am in the very privileged position of representing my country and the clubs I ride for, doing the job I love."

Cook will return from his ban to take his place in the Grand Prix Challenge in Croatia on August 24.

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