Watch brutal Wilder punch that KOs Breazeale in slow motion showing unstoppable force of WBC champion

THIS is the devastating moment Deontay Wilder delivers a hammer knockout punch to defeat Dominic Breazeale.

The Bronze Bomber won his ninth WBC title defence in colossal style with a devastating KO in front of a baying crowd in New York.

The 19,000-capacity Barclays Center watched on stunned as the undefeated champ, 33, floored his mandatory opponent in just the second minute.

It was a devastating display of punching power which sent a message to his rivals in the fight to be regarded the best heavyweight in the world.

After the win, Wilder said: "Everything just came out of me tonight. I know it’s been a big build up.

"There’s been a lot of animosity and a lot of words that were said and it just came out of me tonight. That’s what makes boxing so great.

“I just told Breazeale I love him and of course I want to see him go home to his family. I know we say some things, but when you can fight a man and then you can hug him and kiss him, I wish the world was like that. We shake hands and we live to see another day and that’s what it’s all about.

“I understand what Tyson Fury did. When you get dropped on the canvas like that I understand you have to get yourself back together.

"But the rematch will happen, like all these other fights will happen. The great thing is all these fights are in discussion. The big fights will happen. I just want you to have patience.

“You know what the saying is Jim, good things come to those who wait.

It capped weeks of public bad blood between the warring fighters – which this week even saw thinly-veiled death threats.

Wilder opened with the first flurry before a testing jab from Breazeale forced him to back off and bide his time.

But just moments later Wilder made the first of his half-dozen big hits – driving Breazeale into the corner with unbridled fury.

His stunned opponent looked badly shaken by the ferocity Wilder was showing just seconds into this hotly anticipated bout.

Breazeale tried to hold 233lb Wilder to stop the barrage – forcing the ref to twice split them.

Wilder refused to let that happen for a third time – unleashing a catastrophic right hook that sent his 255lb challenger plunging to the canvas.

Their seething years'-long rivalry boiled over to shock even the most hardened boxing pundits when Wilder said he wanted to kill his 33-year-old opponent.

Wilder faces punishment from WBC after crassly saying in the build-up: “Breazeale’s life is on the line for this fight and I do mean his life.

"I am still trying to get me a body on my record.

“This is the only sport where you can kill a man and get paid for it at the same time. It’s legal."

This is Breazeale's second career loss in 22 professional bouts – with the other coming via knockout by Brit bruiser Anthony Joshua in 2016.

Some Brit boxing fans felt put out by Breazeale's name appearing opposite the now 42-time undefeated champion.

Wilder moved on the mandatory defence after being unable to secure a rematch with Tyson Fury following their draw in December.

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