What other sports can you do while wearing a business shirt like Boris Johnson? Here's what's rough when sporting a cuff

BORIS JOHNSON’S choice of sports gear has left the nation baffled.

The PM went for a run this week in a white dress shirt, running shorts and sensible black shoes.

Ex-England and Manchester United star Gary Neville tweeted: “Surely a Tory donor can get him some running gear.”

And Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “I could not pull that off the way the Prime Minister does.”

But could Boris, known for his unique style, have set a new sports trend when he pounded the streets of Manchester at the start of the Conservative Party conference?

Busy execs could simply take off their ties and replace their trousers with shorts for quick workouts between meetings.

And gym fans can smarten up their acts with collar and cuffs.

Oliver Harvey gives seven sports a Boris makeover and rates each look out of five.


THE dress shirt is liable to cling a little when shooting hoops.

Make sure it has a long tail or you’ll reveal more than you bargained for when going for the slam dunk.



TALK about a sharp dresser! A non-fitted shirt is the best choice to give the upper body some space to move.

Pro tip: Take your tie off to avoid it getting caught on the javelin while throwing.



NOT quite as aerodynamic as Usain Bolt’s Lycra look but the winged collar felt like it provided some “lift”.

Leather shoes a little slippy but it’s all about dressing to impress on the start line.



IT’S quite a leap. Sensible leather shoes don’t give quite as much purchase on the turf as running spikes – but cuffs look natty as you clear the hurdle.



Crisp whites never look out of place on the tennis court, although a dress shirt does chafe a little when serving.

Ideal for those smart-casual tennis club functions after a game.



Careful – you don’t want to get grass stains on your neatly pressed shirt.

And don’t drop the shot put on your polished shoes. I didn’t feel comfortable at all dressed up for this discipline.



Gary Neville is missing a trick. A crisp white shirt stands out against a green pitch – and the formal look might aid team bonding.

I can see this catching on at Spurs.



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