What will happen if England win Euro 2020? Could the players be knighted, will there be a bank holiday?

ENGLAND are on the verge of their most historic achievement in football since the 1966 World Cup as they take on Italy in the final of Euro 2020 today.

The Three Lions have been brilliant all tournament, as have the Italians, with the game set to take place at Wembley Stadium tonight.

The nation have been cheering Gareth Southgate's team on for the past month and have seen big wins against the likes of Germany, Ukraine and Denmark.

And now England get to play in their first final since 1966.

So what will actually happen if they do it? Knighthoods? Bank holiday? Victory parade? We've got you covered.

Will Gareth Southgate and the players be knighted if England beat Italy?

Reports suggest that manager Southgate, who took over at the end of 2016, WILL be knighted for his achievements, if England win Euro 2020.

It would be the biggest win in England's history since 1966, when they beat Germany in the World Cup final.

Southgate has also managed to steer England to three tournament semi-finals since taking over, including the 2018 World Cup and the Nations League.

As for the players, knighthoods are also possible… perhaps not for the whole squad, but definitely for the key players.

Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling would be the two that jump to mind, and could follow in the footsteps of other British sportsmen such as Andy Murray and Mo Farah who have received the honour.

Will there be a victory parade if England beat Italy?

It's customary in this country for there to be victory parades for our national teams if they achieve the ultimate prize in their sport.

The England cricket players were given a parade when they beat Australia in the Ashes back in 2005.

And the same can be said for the England Rugby team when they beat Australia in 2003.

Football clubs such as Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd also had victory parades when they won Champions League titles.

There could be one for England if they win Euro 2020, but it'd have to be after July 19, when the country is expected to full relax from any coronavirus restrictions.

And even then, it's been reported any parade might not take place until September.

Will there be an emergency bank holiday if England win the Euros?

It's very possible, but a bit of a complicated one for Monday, July 12, and more likely to take place later in the year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson does have the power to enforce an emergency bank holiday, but doing so late in the day isn't an ideal situation for employers.

Johnson said earlier this week that it would be 'tempting fate' to discuss it, but Labour leader Keir Starmer is all on board with the idea.

"The whole country is incredibly proud of what Gareth Southgate and our England heroes have achieved already. History has been made," he told the Mirror.

"If we win on Sunday, the country should get the chance to celebrate it properly with an extra bank holiday, granted in the name of the England team."

It's been reported that government officials have discussed the possibility of calling an emergency bank holiday, but only tonight will we all find out what they have planned.

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