WWE legend Rob Van Dam’s X-rated ‘throuple’ sex scene sees Impact Wrestling banned from Twitch – The Sun

ROB VAN DAM'S steamy "throuple" sex scene has led to Impact Wrestling being banned from streaming site Twitch.

The WWE star, real name Rob Szatkowski, claims to be in a three-way relationship with his wife AND girlfriend.

Van Dam decided to celebrate his win over Brian Cage while laying on a bed of rose petals with the two women.

The American, who was married to Sonia Delbeck for 17 years, was first joined by his wife Katie Forbes in the bedroom.

She rocked up in some skimpy sequin underwear before the pair cracked open a bottle of bubbly.

They were then joined by blonde bombshell Jennifer Barlow for the first time.

The "throuple" enjoyed a three-way kiss before Katie whipped off her bra as she felt "a little overdressed".

Both of the women disappeared out of shot before the topless pair returned armed with whipped cream.

After the cream was smothered on Van Dam's face and he was plastered in lipstick, the camera cut to a screen which read: "Technical difficulties."

When the footage continued, Van Dam can be seen sipping champagne from the bottle as the two girls were underneath the covers with their legs hanging out.

As a result, Twitch have banned Impact Wrestling from their streaming service for a breach of regulations.

The streaming giants prohibits "nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services."


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