WWE stars Carmella and Corey Graves announce engagement after two years of dating as he pops question on her birthday

WWE stars Carmella and Corey Graves announced their engagement after two years of dating.

Graves – real name Matthew Polinsky – popped the question on Carmella's birthday.

The Raw diva, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, posted on Twitter: "Best birthday ever."

In the picture, a massive engagement ring is seen on her left hand.

Graves, a current commentator, has been with Carmella since 2019, having split with his ex-wife Amy, who he shares three kids with.

Carmella, 34, meanwhile previously dated wrestler W. Morrissey, then known as Big Cass, 35, in WWE. 

Graves, 37, was recently embroiled in a feud with Dana Brooke, who slammed theretired wrestler's career.

Brooke, 32, wrote on Instagram: “You CANNOT entertain everything regardless if its INDIRECT or DIRECT!! Let people do what they do best . TALK!!

“Y’all act like y’all gone die because somebody said something about you . IT IS NOT THAT DEEP!! You cannot stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

“ONCE you entertain a clown , you BECOME ONE [woman waving emoji] YOU THE CLOWN [clown emoji] I’M THE QUEEN I KEEP PUSHING THRO! WATCH ME WORK.”

It came afterGraves criticised Brooke's performance in a match against Shayna Baszler, 41.

He said: “I’m all for giving people time to develop, giving people time to realise their potential, but on a long enough timeline, you gotta cut your losses.”

Later on, he added: “You can give me a chest full of tools, that doesn’t mean I can build you a house, OK?

“It’s a matter of putting things together, and Dana Brooke, in my opinion, hasn’t exactly done that.”

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