'1000-lb Sisters': Fans Get Real with Season 3 Predictions

 1000-lb Sisters fans rejoice, the premiere of season 3 is finally upon us. Tammy and Amy Slaton are back for the third installment of the TLC show. Before tonight’s premiere, fans have been giving their best predictions for what the new season will hold, and it’s clear that some fans have no faith in either sister.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3 prediction

Whenever a new season of a show is announced, fans always come up with theories and predictions of what the new season will entail.

“I’m predicting we will see Tammy’s rehab journey, her 1000 boyfriends, and her continued downward spiral,” one fan predicted on Reddit. “Amy’s baby journey, her continued success, and her finally cutting ties with Tammy (momentarily anyway) and Chris will be gradually phased out of the show because he decides he’s not up for it. I also think they will try to introduce new characters but I have no idea who. None of Tammy’s boyfriends seem interesting enough to hold screen time. I keep waiting for Chris’ daughter to have a more prominent role, I could see her getting more screen time this season. I also predict we will not be seeing Dr. Proctor this season.”

Some fans hoped to see more of Amy’s baby, Gage this season.

“Gage, Gage, and more Gage!” one person wrote. “With a healthy dash of Tammy’s rage.”

Others had predictions for almost all of the cast members.

“Tammy gets kicked out of the center she’s in because after some success, she ends up having food delivered ALL THE TIME and they make her leave,” another person wrote. “Chris has a major slip up but toward the end of the season, gets his crap together and starts losing again, Amy dotes on Gage and slowly gets back to weight loss.”

And some fans were pretty pessimistic.

“Same as always they make stupid jokes pretend to try to lose weight. Amy wants another kid but has to lose weight first,” one user commented.

What happened in season 2?

A lot has happened to get the Slaton sisters to where they are. Amy lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. After the surgery, she got pregnant with Gage and paused her weight loss journey. By the end of season 2, she was down to 270 pounds.

Tammy struggled in both her love life and her health journey. She introduced fans to her boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, last season, who turned out to be married. The two have since split. While going through relationship turmoil, Tammy also continued to gain weight. At her final weigh-in of the season, she got up to over 660 pounds.

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3

Recently, TLC released a summary of the new season. This season, Tammy checks herself into rehab for food addiction, but she decides to cut her stay short. Amy struggles with getting healthy and balancing being a new mom. Amy and Tammy’s brother, Chris Combs, also experiences a setback in his weight loss that may prohibit him from getting surgery.

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