9 Best Marijuana Moments in Movies in Honor of 420 (Videos)

Happy 420: From Cheech and Chong rocking out in a pot-filled club to The Dude abiding, watch the best pot-themed scenes on film

This nightclub scene from “Up in Smoke” (1978) features Cheech and Chong rocking out to “Earache My Eye” and a roomful of pot smoke.
Review the weed-fueled theory on George Washington’s marijuana use in “Dazed and Confused.” (1993)

Arguably Brad Pitt’s most convincing performance ever, Pitt plays a stoner roommate with a bad sense of direction in 1993’s “True Romance.”
The Dude crashes his car in “The Big Lebowski” (1998) due to some reckless joint smoking. The beer likely didn’t help either.
The Dude can’t relax with a doobie in the tub. Instead he gets attacked by nihilist-owned ferrets in “The Big Lebowski” (1998).
A roach is defined in 1998’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”
Watch Kumar’s extensive weed dream in 2004’s “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.”

Two pot aficionados sample what smells like “God’s vagina” in this classic scene from 2008’s “Pineapple Express.”

“I grew up on TWO rivers!” Another fun stoner scene from a Richard Linklater film has college-aged pot smokers testing out telepathy in this standout moment from “Everybody Wants Some!!” (2016)
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