ABC Finally Revealed 'The Bachelorette' Premiere Date In the Worst Promo Ever

I never thought I’d see the day, but ABC finally released a premiere date for The Bachelorette! After months of postponing filming due to the pandemic and after a major shakeup with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, we finally get to see how it all unfolded starting on October 13.

This afternoon, the show’s Instagram page dropped a new promo pic, and it offered literally no other information. Basically, it just served as a heavy-handed reminder that Clare is a little older than the typical Bachelorette. The image of her standing with a rose in her hand as some random man slides a sock on his foot might seem like poor artistic direction, but it’s actually a reference to The Graduate AKA the movie about a college grad who is hooking up with an older woman. Wow. So clever.

As Cosmopolitan‘s resident film expert Emma Baty said, “By referencing the poster of The Graduate, they are once again shoving it down our throats that Clare is, in fact, an older woman.” Fellow Bach Nation member Sarah Weldon also wondered how soon into the first episode ABC will play “Mrs. Robinson.”

On top of The Graduate inspo, the little slogan at the top of the promo poster said, “It’s About Time,” which could be something she said a lot during filming. But let’s be real, ABC is probably referencing her age yet again. Like, anyone on set ever heard of finding new material???

Anyway, T-minus 47 days until we get to see Clare fall in love with Dale Moss, get engaged super soon, upend the entire season, and be replaced by Tayshia!

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