Alesha Dixon leaves BGT fans frustrated over odd one-earring fashion trend

Eagle-eyed Britain's Got Talent fans have noticed that Alesha Dixon is trying to kickstart a trend – and it's not well liked.

During the audition rounds the judge has been sporting one mismatched oversized hoop earring in just one ear.

The fashion statement has left viewers frustrated with some unsure if it's a mistake or intended.

She gave it a try one time last year and appears to be attempting a comeback with the unusual look.

This week once again without fail people were more distracted by Alesha's enormous hooped earring than the acts on stage.

While the auditions air weekly, each episode features different acts from different locations, hence why during each episode the judges’ outfits appear to change.

Thanks to this, it means each week viewers are seeing the same outfits recycled, including Alesha’s one-earring look.

While it’s nothing new, it hasn’t stopped viewers taking to social media every week to question it .

"Why does Alesha Dixon insist on wearing one massive earring on one ear and a tiny one on the other all the bloody time," asked one viewer on Twitter .

"I know how Alesha Dixon feels, I've lost plenty a hoop earring on a night out, poor hun," joked another.

A third fumed: "Wtf !!! Why has alesha Dixon got odd earring on YET agennnnnnnn #ifyouknowyouknow"

"Why does Alesha Dixon only wear one earring? it’s so frustrating," said a fourth.

In another outfit Alesha can be seen wearing a triangle shaped earring.

Some began comparing the piece of jewellery to an instrument from school, the triangle.

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