Alesha Dixon praises comedian for 'bravely' addressing racism in BGT semi-final

Alesha Dixon has praised her golden buzzer act Nabil Abdulrashid for ‘bravely’ addressing racism in the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final.

Nabil, from Croydon, had the entire judging panel in stitches during his first audition, especially Alesha who gave him her one and only golden buzzer.

The funnyman, who performed in the fifth and final semi-final tonight, impressed the judges after he ‘pushed boundaries’ with his act.

Nabil’s audition started off with him joking about being mistaken for rapper Big Narstie.

‘I get recognised in places I don’t want to get recognised, like Lidl in Croydon,’ he began.

‘I am pushing my 20 kilos of onions I bought for 50p and I get “oh my god it’s him, can I get a picture?”

‘Sure let’s have a picture, “oh my god I am a big fan, not as big as you though, I can’t wait to go home and show my kids right, I can’t wait to show them that I met Big Narstie”

‘That’s cool, can I go now or am I still being detained officer?’

‘So people watching will think it’s one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing about stop and search, no it’s a joke about being fat,’ he joked.

‘Big Narstie and I are both fat, we just happen to be black so don’t throw in the race card guys.

‘When do black men ever get mistaken for each other, especially not by police, noooo.’

After his act, Nabil apologised to viewers in case they were offended by his material – although, he got amazing feedback from the judges, with Alesha praising him for taking on ‘the subject of racism’.

‘The reason I pressed my golden buzzer for you is because I love things that are a bit edgy, a bit different and you’re that guy,’ she told him.

‘It’s ok to feel a bit uncomfortable with comedy, that is what comedy is about.

‘I think you’re very brave to take on the subject of racism, it’s very poignant right now and we all need to learn to laugh a bit more and have a sense of humour.’

Amanda Holden went on to add: ‘Comedy should be about pushing boundaries, it should be about pushing us right to the edge, and tonight you made me really laugh.’

Ashley Banjo branded Nabil’s act as ‘legendary’.

‘A lot of comedians found it hard with the virtual audience,’ he said. ‘And for me, you should be in the final.’

Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday 8pm on ITV.

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