Amy Duggar reveals she was 'mortified' after fan thought star was pregnant & blames 'tummy' on 'stress'

AMY Duggar has let slip she felt "mortified" as a customer persistently asked her if she was pregnant after she'd put on weight in lockdown.

The Counting On TV star, 34, told how the blunt female specifically pointed out her "tummy" as she continued with her rude assumptions.

Addressing her followers on an Instagram Stories, Amy wore a tan coloured hat and green button down top.

The mom of one styled her brunette locks in two braids falling over her shoulders as she braved up to spill the tea.

Amy, who is cousin to recently-arrested and bailed Josh Duggar, looked straight at the camera and said: "OK so get this, I had a grandmother come in and she goes 'oh my God are you pregnant?'

"And I was like 'err no I have got a little taller, I'm getting used to the whole mom bod now and focussed on getting used to him [son Daxton] and Covid was really stressful' … and she said 'ohh are you pregnant?' again!

"I said 'it was during Covid I had a lot of comfort food and I was stressed as I own my own business' and she said 'It's OK to have a little tummy.'"

Amy added: "And I was mortified y'all.

"I was like 'yeahh, well I'm trying to lose my tummy,' then she said: 'Girl you are not doing it.'"

Musing about her response, the TLC star said: "I think you get to a certain age and place you don't care what you're saying, you have no filter."

She told how she bid farewell to the customer and sarcastically said: "Hmm have a good day!"

Amy owns a clothing boutique in Springdale, North West Arkansas, which is just one building down from her husband Dillon King's fine dining restaurant.

Fans previously thought Amy was pregnant with her second child back in January, when she picked up a baby name book and tagged her husband in the post.

Thought Daxton may currently be Amy's only child, however, perhaps another one is in her future plans as she recently urged fans to make "sex a priority" in their marriage.

She tweeted: "Sex accounts for about 10% in a marriage.. unless you're not having any!

"Then it's like 90%. Make intimacy a priority!"

The Duggar family are infamously conservative Christians, who believe sex is for procreation – they also do not believe in kissing or holding hands with a romantic partner before marriage

Amy has been quite open about going against her uncle Jim Bob Duggar's strict family rules, even showing off some PDA with Dillon, and drinking wine as well.






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