Andrew Strauss opens up on ‘new life’ five months on from wife’s tragic death

Former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss has revealed how his close bond with his two young sons has helped them cope with the devastating death of his wife Ruth.

The sportsmen, whose wife passed away from a rare form of lung cancer just five months ago in December, spoke of his grief for the first time on Lorraine on Tuesday.

Andrew revealed he and Ruth had discussed her prognosis in the months leading up to her death, with her wanting to ensure the the boys would be “set up” as well as possible after her passing.

Now, Andrew is pushing forward with her legacy, and foundation set up in her honour in the hope of finding out more about the illness that claimed her life.

Ruth was just 45 years old when she died, passing away in December from a very rare type of lung cancer following her diagnosis a year earlier.

But Ruth ensured her family would be as prepared as possible for and after her death, with Andrew explaining how she focused on her two boys and her husband in her final months.

He told Lorraine Kelly: “It was a horrible situation for us knowing Ruth was gonna die, but Ruth was very very keen, she always talked about doing death well.

"That meant involving the kids, making sure they understood what we were going through, but also just preparing ourselves for what was to come. It was a big thing for her when the end came to know that we were as well set up for life after her as possible.”

Andrew spoke of how the three of them have coped since, while also praising the support he has had from loved ones for getting him through.

He went on: “It’s such a difficult thing when you go through that loss. The life you’ve sort of built up over a number of years comes crashing down and you’ve got to start a new life.

“My role as a father has changed and so there’s a big adjustment period for me, but you also have to move forward especially when you’ve got young kids. You have to create an environment that allows them to sort of grow and prosper as well.”

He added, asked if his close bond with the boys helped them through: “Yeah, absolutely. My relationship with the boys has changed a little bit after Ruth’s death. I have a slightly different role now, but the boys are very strong, they’re adapting to a new life exceptionally well, and they’ve got great support from friends and family around them so it’s not just on me, which is really important.”

On Ruth’s legacy and the new foundation, he added: “We spoke about it in the months leading up to her death about creating something positive out of this, it’s a terrible situation to go through. Ruth had a very rare form of lung cancer that strikes younger people, more women than men, and people that have never smoked, and I knew nothing about it. We wanna find out why people get it, and research ways of overcoming it.”

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