Antiques Roadshow guest astonished by true value of dusty plates found in attic

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left speechless when she was told the value of some confectionary plates she found in the attic.

Glass and ceramics expert John Sandon said it was "extraordinary" to see a set of three Worcester-made porcelain plates.

In the episode from the BBC show that aired last night (September 6), the guest explains: "They were found in a loft in a house that we lived in.

"But we found them as we were moving out, so we have no idea, anything about them."

The cream-coloured plates are decorated with rosebuds and rose leaves around and in the centre of the plate.

The raised floral motifs give a unique texture when holding it.

John examines the plates and says the rose leaf branches that go around outside the plates are made as handles so users can pass them around the room.

He adds: "They are not just painted on, they are moulded just on the surface.

"And that's quite an interesting design and takes us back to the middle of the 18th century and the Earl of Coventry."

The expert details that the textured pattern on the plate, known as the Blind Earl, was created after the Earl had lost his sight in a hunting accident.

The Earl asked the Worcester factory to create the raised-up pattern so that he could feel what he would normally have felt in the rose garden.

"They would have been made … we're going back to around 1760," he says.

The guest replies: "Wow, I didn't think they were that old."

The Blind Earl patten later became one of Worcester factory's specialities when it came to making dinner or tea sets.

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  • John, who has seen one in a set of four plates, says it's been a while and has never seen as many as three together.

    As he begins his valuation, he says the rubbing and wear would "knock a few quid off".

    "Even so, your little attic find, what are they worth?" John says. "Ooh, £2,500."

    The guest looks shocked and raises her eyebrows, saying: "Blimey!"

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