Antiques Roadshow guest recalls regret with heirloom after staggering value

Antiques Roadshow: Guest shows off items from Ojibwe people

Antiques Roadshow expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan was joined by a guest who brought along a jacket which belonged to his father and left Ronnie jealous of his possession.

After spotting the jacket, Ronnie told the guest: “I have scoured vintage clothes shops most of my adult life to find myself a wonderful buckskin beaded jacket like this.

“It’s Ojibwa, isn’t it? Why did you bring that in? Just to make me jealous?” to which the guest explained: “That as well as to celebrate my dad’s legacy.

“It was made for my father. Every chance he got he wore it. He was a Welshman, he came over from Wales and he just had a sense of adventure, having served after the Second World War and took himself to Canada.

“A place called Pickle Crow, he lived with the Ojibwa in the 1950s and he went up there to teach them English, he didn’t succeed in any way but he ended up teaching him Ojibwa.”

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Curious about their relationship and how he acquired the jacket, Ronnie asked: “They made this for him, did he commission it?”

The guest admitted: “No they made it out of love I think! He passed away nine months ago, he was 92 and lived such an extraordinary life.”

The guest also admitted his father’s biggest regret when receiving the jacket after he replaced the original style of toggles with a zip, claiming he did it for ease of wear.

Despite it being changed, it didn’t put Ronnie off as he exclaimed: “I’d still want it, I don’t mind! I love it, I mean it is a work of art don’t you think? It really is! Do you wear it?”

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The guest said: “No I don’t, I would be scared too in case I fell over or someone spilt a drink on me!”

Ronnie laughed: “It is tough stuff, these guys lived in these jackets, they went hunting in them, wear it, as an homage to him!” leaving the guest to think about it.

Getting down to business, it was time for Ronnie to reveal the estimated valuation: “If this came up for auction, this little collection that we have here.

“I would value it at £1,000 for this lot and it would have been a little bit more if it had been original.

“But that is part of your history and it is part of your father’s character, it is a great thing it really is and I love it. You are bringing the jacket alive with your stories about your father.”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sunday from 8pm on BBC One.

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