Antiques Roadshows Fiona Bruce gobsmacked by £20k Star Wars figure

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In a special instalment of Antiques Roadshow, viewers were taken on a trip down memory lane as the episode focused on the toys that shaped people’s childhoods. During the show, host Fiona Bruce got to see special Star Wars action figures that turned out to be worth thousands.

During the basic, better and best segment of the show, which sees Fiona have to order items in what she believes to be their value, viewers were introduced to Stephen Lane

Informing the crowd behind them their guest is an auctioneer and expert in film props and memorabilia, Stephen brought along a special Star Wars collection to be featured in the toy special.

The expert revealed the merchandise created for the Sci-Fi classics was the first of its kind with it being a hugely lucrative deal for filmmaker George Lucas.

Getting ready to play basic, better and best, Fiona was given the same figure as the character Jawa which had been released over different periods.

To try and help Fiona guess the price of each figure accordingly, Stephen gave some background information on each one.

One of them, which was one of the first-ever Jawa figures of its kind, was in its original packaging with a condition rating of 80% and had a vinyl cape.

The next figure, which wasn’t in any packaging, was the second version of the Star Wars character

Stephen said: “This is the figure that subsequently most kids played with. What’s quite rare about this is the fact that it’s complete with its accessories and its cloak.

Lastly, the largest figurine on the table was released slightly later than the previous two and came in French packaging with an 85% condition rating.

However, with the final action figure being discontinued due to its large size, Fiona highlighted the collectable could be extremely rare.

Before it was time for Fiona to guess, Stephen revealed the range of values she had to pick from.

He commented: “ £50, £3,500 and £20,000.”

Fiona replied: “Wow, crickey. I have absolutely no idea I’ve got to be completely honest here.

“Who knows? I mean the French must’ve liked Star Wars as well so I’m sure they must have plenty of them.

“But then maybe people don’t like to collect them so much because they like the little ones because they go with all the sets.”

When it came down to putting them in order, Fiona guessed the second figure was £500, the French cased Jawa was £3,500 and the original was £20,000.

Giving her a round of applause, Stephen told her she had got them all correct as Fiona was stunned she’d put them in the correct order.

Explaining her decisions, she told the auctioneer that the £500 model she put lowest as it had no packaging.

Looking at the £3,500 model, she commented: “I thought that was better because it wasn’t the size that could be part of all those bigger sets.

“But this (the original model) £20,000!”

Stephen added that people have to be cautious when looking for that particular item as there have been fakes over the years due to their high value.

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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