Apparently, 50 Cent Might Be Hiding in the Hairy Whatchamacallit Costume on ‘Masked Singer’

So it seems like The Masked Singer has definitely hit a wall this season because it’s having contestants dress up like fictional monsters we’d only ever wish to see in our nightmares. Why am I not at all surprised by this turn of events?! They’ve lost their creative vision and opted to go all in on…Whatchamacallit. Seriously, FOX, you couldn’t come up with an-y-thing else?!

I could roast this sad idea for days on end, but we’ve got detective work to do. An alleged famous person actually signed up to hide (and sing!) under this abomination of a costume on live television, and I must know who would do such a thing to their reputation. It’s gonna be tough though. This bushy being is no joke, friends. Here are all the most promising theories on the Whatchamacallit’s true identity.

The Clue Package(s)

IMO, this video barely helped at all, but maybe one of the hints will spark a light bulb for you:

I’ll give it to Whatchamacallit, they did provide a bit more information the second time around, but I’m still sitting here with crickets in my head.

Here’s what stands out to me:

The Performances

I gotta give credit where credit is due. Their performance of “I Wish,” by Skee-Lo, was legit phenomenal. Whoever is under that incredibly hairy suit has got star power for sure!

This person is quite the entertainer. They crushed their rendition of “Money Maker,” by Ludacris, too. The whole shebang could’ve done without the dancing unicorns, if I’m being honest though….

The Theories

Swizz Beatz

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Judge Nicole Scherzinger felt compelled to throw Swizz Beatz’s name into the mix, but I’m pretty confident he’s not the guy we’re looking for. Do the clues add up for you?? Didn’t think so. Last I checked, he was focusing on his rap and producing work, and he isn’t much of a dancer. Moving right along!

Kenan Thompson

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Personally, I don’t see the connection between Whatchamacallit and the SNL star besides the fact that he was on DWTS last year and I suppose, if you wanted to stretch, you could say the orange Jell-O is like the main color of Nickelodeon, which is the network where he used to act as a teen. The people of Twitter are certainly feeling pretty confident about this theory:

I am almost 200% positive they ‘whatchamacallit’ on @MaskedSingerFOX is Keenan Thompson

#the masked singer The whatchamacallit is Keenan Thompson

#maskedsinger whatchamacallit is Kenan Thompson @MaskedSingerFOX

Tyler, the Creator

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Judge Robin Thicke thinks our furry friend might be the rapper, but there’s really no evidence to support this guess. I mean, maaaybe the vibrant, colorful backgrounds and details in the clue videos are on brand for Tyler, but that’s about it, as far as I can see.

Wiz Khalifa

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I don’t hate this theory! The orange could be an ode to his first mixtape, Kush & Orange Juice. And the bees could have something to do with his hit song “Black and Yellow.” We’ll see! Fans are leaning into this one:

The Whatchamacallit is Wiz Khalifa

The whatchamacallit is Wiz Khalifa … i think i hear his voice. #MaskedSinger

I think #whatchamacallit might be Wiz Khalifa ??? #TheMaskedSinger

Lonzo Ball

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Viewers have their money on Lonzo, that’s for sure, and I can see why. His mom had a stroke a couple of years ago, which would line up with the clue about Whatchamacallit’s mother needing help. They also talk about how people think they’re shy because they’re always coming second to the spotlight. Consider that Lonzo’s dad is the super-famous Lavar Ball—CEO of Big Baller Brand—which could make Lonzo feel like second-in-command.

#MaskedSinger Whatchamacallit is Lonzo Ball and you can’t convince me otherwise @MaskedSingerFOX

I literally said 2 weeks ago that the Whatchamacallit mask on the Masked Singer is Lonzo Ball & after finally watching this weeks episode, I KNOW it’s him

I don’t know half these people or the guesses. I just know Lonzo Ball is the Whatchamacallit

50 Cent

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Don’t make me spell it out. Ugh, fine, I will: There were freakin’ five dimes in the most recent clue package. Fans are on board with it:

I can’t believe I watch The Masked Singer now, but if Whatchamacallit isn’t @50cent I’ll eat my hat #TheMaskedSinger

Whatchamacallit has to be 50 cent!!!!

@MaskedSingerFOX could whatchamacallit be fifty cent (there was 5- 10 cents.

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