Avengers Endgame: PROOF Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark cameos in Spider-Man Far From Home?

After a decade of MCU movies, Iron Man died to save the universe in Avengers Endgame. And from the new Spider-Man Far From Home trailer, we can see Peter Parker is struggling to move on without his mentor. Nevertheless, a clue in one scene may prove we’ve not seen the last of Downey Jr’s Tony Stark just yet. Reddit user Dkmistry23 writes: “So watching the Spiderman: Far from Home trailers, there’s a specific shot where you hear Peter Parker saying, “Oh my God”, while taking off a pair of sunglasses in the back of a car. It’s clearly an important shot, being featured in most of the trailers.”

They continued: “These sunglasses are very distinctive in their style, and aren’t the style that I’d associate with Peter Parker in any of his appearances and lead me to believe that they aren’t his.

“They do, however, look very similar to the style that you would associate with Tony Stark, specifically Tony Stark during IW and Endgame.

“This is all purely speculation, but given that he is sat in the back of the car, Peter is clearly being driven around by someone, and with Happy being featured so much in the trailer, I believe Happy is the driver of the car.”

They added: “With all of that in mind, looking at Peter’s shocked reaction as he takes off the glasses, I think that, given that AR heads up displays that Iron Man has created in the past, the sunglasses are handed to him early in the movie by Happy as he’s driving and contain a video AR message.

“The whole of Endgame reinforces the idea that Tony has finally created a life for himself that is about more than being just Iron Man.

“This is why Peter leaves New York so eagerly to take a break from being Spider-Man; because it was his mentor’s last message to him, live a life and don’t make it all about Spider-Man.”

Certainly, this would fit in with what we saw at the end of Avengers Endgame when Tony’s family watched a final message from him.

Plus, another reason there’s probably a surprise cameo from Downey Jr as the MCU figure is because Kevin Feige has confirmed Spider-Man Far From Home is the final film of Marvel Phase 3.

Fans had believed that it was the start of Phase 4, but clearly Far From Home is some sort of epilogue to Endgame.

And what better way than for Iron Man to hand on the mantle to Spidey for the franchise’s future.

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