BBC Strictly viewers left floored as they think Bobby tried to kiss Dianne in passionate dance

Strictly Come Dancing viewers were left gobsmacked after tonight's show after they claimed Bobby 'tried to kiss' Dianne after their sizzling Argentine Tango.

The EastEnders actor, 20, finished the steamy performance by wrapping his arms around Dianne, and then Bobby appeared to go in for a smooch but fans said it looked like Dianne "pulled away". This comes after there has been speculation over the nature of their relationship over the last few weeks, though they have assured fans they are simply good friends.

Away from the show, Dianne is in a long-term relationship with YouTube and her ex-Strictly partner Joe Sugg whom she met on the show back in 2018, and the pair still seem to be going strong.

Fans commented on the dance on social media, with one writing: "Whoa hold on a minute !!! Did we just see a full-blown kiss at the end of Bobby and Diane's dance I'm sure we did !!" A second added: "Bobby I adore you but it wasn't as smooth as it should have been. Bloody steamy tho! I swear it looked like they had a kiss at the end!! 8 from me."

While a third penned: "He loved it cos he got to kiss Dianne bffr." A fourth shared: "Not that it means anything bc i know Dianne is happy with Joe but i'm 99% Bobby went in for a kiss after that dance… got a bit caught up in the moment i think."

A fifth put: "Did um…they kiss?" Stephanie said: "It really looked like Bobby was going to kiss Dianne there at the end of that dance." One other posted: "Cutting it dangerously close to a curse there I thought they kissed for a sec." Another asked: "Did Bobby and Diane just kiss or we're they just very close together."

One viewer typed: "Did Bobby try and kiss Dianne and she pulled away." The pair scored 30 for their dance and divided the judging panel for the second week in a row.

Meanwhile, viewers were fuming with Bobby and Diane's feedback, accusing the judges of being confusing.

Anton Du Beke said he was taken aback by "how rehearsed" their dance was and said it should be "a little bit sort of messy". Although he went on to add it was "absolutely clean as a whistle" and a "great performance".

Shirley Ballas added: "I thought you had attitude and great striking action when it came to the feet. It was much better than last week and you're good under pressure."

Viewers took to X, formally known as Twitter to express their opinions on the judge's comments. One wrote: "There is a 15 year age difference between Bobby and Dianne, can ANTON relax?? #strictly".

A second said: "Well this isn’t confusing for him at all. One says not enough the other says too much? #Strictly." While a third noted: "How can it both be too clean and too aggressive?!? I think the choreo wasn't good for Bobbers. #Strictly #SCD."

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