Big Brother fans complain theyre left in the dark over strange housemate feud

Big Brother fans have shared their confusion at an apparent feud between Farida Khalifa and Kerry Riches, which appeared to come out of nowhere in Wednesday's night episode, 11 October.

The pair had a number of disagreements during the shopping task, in which they were given the position of "middle management".

At one point Kerry was even left in tears after a brief row ensued after Zak suggested that Kerry be in charge of middle-management for the second day of the task.

After Farida suggested there should be more of a discussion about this, Kerry headed into the bedroom where she complained to Hallie that Farida had replied "not you" at this suggestion.

Later in the episode, the two women disagreed again when Kerry suggested that the "bottoms" should be in charge of the shopping budget, an idea that Farida wasn't best pleased with.

Viewers were left rather confused at the sudden feud, as one suggested that there may have been more scenes that didn't make it into the final edit.

They said: "Waiting for the context behind the Farida & Kerry beef that we OBVIOUSLY haven’t been given #BBUK"

"Farida VS Kerry has literally caused division in the country. It’s 50/50 but I think Farida has slightly more support" quipped another fan.

Another accused Kerry of lying about what had happened, writing: "Why is kerry lying???? Farida didnt even say all that #BBUK"

While more argued that the two women had perhaps been taking the task a bit to seriously, as one joked: "Kerry and Farida have literally got no idea they’re in the Big Brother house and they genuinely think they’re back at work and I cannot cope #BBUK"

"Farida and Kerry taking this role a little too serious… #bbuk #BigBrotherUK" joked another.

This isn't the first housemate Farida has caused some drama with Monday night's episode seeing her take some of Olivia's food, in a drama that has been dubbed "salmon-gate."

After the awkward moment, Olivia spoke to some of her fellow housemates in the garden, asking: "Opinions on sharing food?"

Continuing her complaint, Olivia explained: "I was eating my salmon and my corn, and Farida was like, 'Can I have some of your corn?'

"And I was like, 'Yeah, go for it.' Then she started eating my salmon, my actual lunch. She had a spoon and was eating off my plate.

"I was a bit like, 'I don't know how I feel about this.'"

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