'Blue Bloods': Donnie Wahlberg Responds to a Fan with a Hilarious Tweet About Reagan Family Dinner

If you’re a Blue Bloods fan, your favorite part of each episode is likely the Reagan family dinner. Its when Frank and his family sit down, eat, and discuss issues that are top of mind. Although most fans love everything about these dinners, there was one fan who had a complaint about the way the cast eats. Here’s the hilarious response Donnie Wahlberg gave.

A fan complained the ‘Blue Bloods’ cast barely eats during family dinner

One Blue Bloods fan had a complaint about the familydinner scenes. He was annoyed the cast members don’t seem to really be eatingtheir food. In past interviews, it was revealed the food served during Reagandinners is real and the cast members sometime eat. However, this fan was notconvinced the actors were really enjoying a hearty meal. “They barely eat anyfood at the dinner table. It will be like 1 pea on the fork, a sip of water,”posted the fan on Twitter.

Donnie Wahlberg’s response to the ‘Blue Bloods’ fan

Wahlberg could have ignored the comment, but he decided to have a little fun and say something about his eating habits during the Blue Bloods family dinners. The actor left a lighthearted response for the fan. Wahlberg joked that the fan wasn’t watching him very closely during those scenes. Wahlberg responded, “You obviously aren’t watching me at the dinner table.” He followed his comment with a series of food and drink emojis. Among the emojis were a symbol for pizza, chicken, a doughnut, a hamburger, a taco, cake, ice cream, and more.

Donnie Wahlberg eats the most during ‘Blue Bloods’ family dinners

Some cast members don’t eat during the dinner scenes,Wahlberg does. He’s been known to eat a lot. According to former Blue Bloodsstar Amy Carlson, Wahlberg eats the most food. Wahlberg toldPeople magazine that unlike Selleck he really eats, and he eats a lot offood. “Tom just pretends eat, but I’m the only one who really eats. I literallyate 20 pounds of asparagus today. I try to only stick to vegetables, whichleads to other problems. Fortunately, we wrapped a little early today so theproblems will be personal problems and won’t be affecting everyone else at thetable,” joked Wahlberg.

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