Boxer Tommy Fury says viewers will ‘definitely’ see him cry in Love Island villa

He’s the younger brother of Gypsy King heavyweight champ Tyson Fury.

But 20-year-old Tommy Fury says unlike his famous sibling, he is a big softie who cries over soppy films.

Tommy says viewers on Love Island will “definitely” see him crying on the ITV show, as the animal lover even wept while watching the (admittedly very sad) dog movie Marley & Me.

Tyson was “in hysterics” when he learned Tommy would be going on the show but egged him on to have sex in the villa, telling him: “Go on, lad. Do what you’re going to do.”

Tommy insists he will “keep it under the covers”.

Boxer Tommy describes himself as a “big cuddly bear” and admits he is a mummy’s boy, getting emotional over taking his mum out before heading to Love Island.

He says: “There’s no better woman on this earth than my mum. If there was one woman to get, hopefully, it would be a reincarnation of my mum.

“Before I left, I took her out for a nice meal. I said, don’t worry about a thing. Everything’s going to be fine. I’m going to do you proud.’”

Besides his mum, the only woman in his life is his cat Maisy. He has only ever had one girlfriend but regularly receives X-rated DMs from admirers – one girl requested a pair of his sweaty boxer shorts.

Tyson – who is checking his diary in anticipation of visiting Tommy if he makes it to the final – believes Tommy is the better-looking brother.

“If he wants to think that, great,” says Tommy. “He looked a lot better when he had hair.”

  • Love Island, Monday, 9pm, ITV2.

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