Britney Spears' mom Lynne attends conservatorship hearing as singer fights dad Jamie in court for control of estate

BRITNEY Spears’ latest conservatorship hearing was attended by both her mom, Lynne, and dad, Jamie, as the family continues to battle for control over the singer’s estate. 

The 38-year-old pop star was not part of the meeting that was held virtually from a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday, The Sun can reveal.

While Britney was absent, the music icon’s parents – along with multiple lawyers – video-conferenced in front of the judge.

Lynne – who divorced Jamie in 2002 – did not speak throughout the 30-minute hearing, except to confirm she was there to observe.

The mom-of-three and her ex-husband are said to be at odds about how to control their famous daughter’s affairs as Jamie pushes to retain control of Britney’s estate.

However, Judge Penny deferred any ruling on appointing a new conservator and unsealing any legal documents until the next hearing on November 10.

A ruling on who will ultimately run her conservatorship is not expected until the new year.

Family patriarch, Jamie wants attorney Andrew Wallet – who resigned from the role a year ago with a $100,000 payout – to be the new co-conservator in charge of his daughter’s finances and other affairs, the court papers state.

However, the mother-of-two has previously attempted – and lost – to remove her father and the lawyers from the conservatorship in court. 

The hit maker has requested her conservatorship be taken over by the independent Bessemer Trust, based in New York, according to legal docs.

Britney – who has not released an album in four years – has also said in recent court filings obtained by The Sun that she will not perform again until these legal matters are sorted out.

The hearing on Wednesday showed Jamie’s attorney, Geraldine Wyle, objecting attempts by Britney to release sealed info about her conservatorship.

“Ms. Spears should be certain that what is being waived and what is being made public could be used to do her harm,” the lawyer told the judge about papers detailing her medical and family history.

Britney’s finances and assets have been controlled by the conservatorship since her 2008 mental breakdown.

Fans of the pop icon are furious she remains under the conservatorship 12 years later and have started a worldwide movement demanding her freedom. 

Around 50 protestors from the #FreeBritney campaign chanted their support for the star outside of her latest hearing.

Other fans gathered online from all over the globe at the same time to show their support.

Free Britney organizer Dustin Strand, 28, who traveled hundreds of miles from Phoenix, AZ, said her fans want the conservatorship to end and for the “excessive” payments to the star’s lawyers to stop.

He yelled as he spoke in front of dozens of chanting Free Britney protestors: “Fans are coming together from all over the world now to support her in this fight. 

“We have Britney’s support, too. We know she wants this to end because she made reference to us in recent court filings.”

He continued: “Lawyers are taking excessive amounts from her week in, week out and it has to stop.

“We believe she does want to perform again but she wants to do it her own way.”

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