Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz 'to have Jewish wedding' as his grandfather and her billionaire father are Jewish

BROOKLYN Beckham and Nicola Peltz will include Jewish traditions in their wedding as his grandfather and her billionaire father are Jewish.

Brooklyn announced his engagement to Nicola, 25 – star of Transformers: Age of Extinction last weekend and said he had found his “soul mate” despite only dating for nine months.

The photographer bought Nicola a £350,000 engagement ring and she has met his famous parents, David and Victoria.

Her investment fund manager dad Nelson Peltz, 72, and his wife Claudia Heffner, 65, a former fashion model, have reportedly offered to pay for the wedding. They are said to be worth £1.3billion.

A source told the Mirror: "Nicola was raised in a Jewish household and while her mother Claudia isn't Jewish, her father Nelson is devout. They raised their children to uphold traditional Jewish values.

"When they ­started talking about their future, Brooklyn agreed to a Jewish wedding. While it won't be orthodox, or super religious, it will likely contain ­traditional elements."

The couple are said to want two ceremonies, one in the UK and one in Florida, splashing £4million on their marriage in 2021. 

The source added: "They're not sure if they'll have a rabbi conduct both ceremonies, but Brooklyn has already told Nicola he'll let her take the reins – joking how he's already under the thumb."

Beckham's maternal grandfather was Jewish and he referred to himself as "half Jewish" in his autobiography.

"I've probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion," he wrote.

Brooklyn was ring bearer at his mum and dad's wedding at Ireland's Luttrellstown Castle back in 1999.

Posh and Becks sat on golden thrones at the altar and spent around £500,000, making it one of the most extravagant celebrity weddings of the time.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn's ex told of her shock at his engagement and warned:  “He’s way too immature to be getting married”.

US hip-hop artist Lexy Panterra, 30, who dated Posh and Becks’ son for 12 months, cast doubts on his plans to wed and said he “usually has a new chick every month”.

She said their long-distance relationship was a strain and that she believes dad-of-four Becks, 45,  is “more of a stud” than his photographer son.

Singer Lexy told The Sun: “We are not together any more because of his immature ways and him not being a good friend. 

“It was a relationship that I could never take seriously, to be honest. The age gap was a big deal. You can tell immediately that he is a little immature. 

"He was everything that you could imagine a young adult would be, at times a little bit more.  Sometimes you just get fed up.”

Lexy said: “I was pretty shocked and confused when I heard he got engaged.

"It’s not something anyone was expecting and, honestly, Brooklyn is not ready for that. He is very young and way too immature.

“I don’t know why he falls in love every few minutes. There is no consistency in his relationships. He has a new chick every month, so it’s surprising he would try to do this.” 

However, Lexy, who has 2.6million Instagram followers and met Brooklyn at Coachella when she was performing with Post Malone, says she is certain there was no cross over between her and Nicola.

She said: “We never talked about getting engaged. I would never have considered marrying Brooklyn. For what? … I have my own money."

The Sun Online has contacted Brooklyn's reps for comment.

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