Coronation Street boss Iain MacLeod scraps Hope's dark storylines

Recently in Coronation Street, Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) has been established as a bit of troubled child with quite a dark side.

OK, ‘a bit’ probably doesn’t cut it.

Hope is a very troublesome child.

From pyromania to hiding her cousin in the attic, Hope has a tendency to create havoc for the adults in her life.

Most recently, she became fascinated with a book all about her dad and serial killer, John Stape.

Hope began selling signed copies of the book at her school, but when a couple of classmates wound her up, she decided to try and get revenge by re-enacting Charlotte Hoyle’s death – one of the many people her dad murdered.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also faked a dog bite on her arm after Peanut killed Cilla the Chinchilla!


It has been quite the journey for young Hope so far but now, Corrie boss Iain MacLeod has revealed that things are going to go in a different direction, as the character enters her pre-teen years.

Speaking during an episode of Loose Women, he said: ‘She’s certainly not going to continue going down such a troubled path, in the short to medium to long-term. We thought: “actually, we’ve done some very dark and twisted things with that character, and okay that’ll still be part of her, but for the next 12 months we’re going to do normal pre-teen stuff.”‘

‘We’re going to be building a friendship with her and Sam [played by Jude Riordan] that will verge on a very innocent pre-teen romance a little bit and they try to navigate those waters.

‘Yes okay, it will always have a Hope twist on it because she’s maybe wired a bit differently than most kids her age. She won’t necessarily get help, but we’ll see a more down-to-earth grounded side of her.’

Iain explained that because he wants Isabella Flanagan to remain in the ITV soap for years, he didn’t want to risk her burning out with constant storylines.

‘I just think there’s a risk with any character that’s that brilliant – and Isabella is such a good actress as well – that you burn them out by having them doing too much big crazy stuff in a run’, he added.

‘If we’re lucky, God willing, we’ll have her for years and years.’

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