Coronation Street fans work out Spider Nugents downfall

Coronation Street: Toyah refuses to leave with Spider Nugent

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Coronation Street fans seem to have “worked out” what might become of the detective and many viewers of the ITV soap have been left concerned for the character after watching Friday’s instalment, which saw him attending a “gig” with Griff, which turned out to be a meeting place for Griff’s far-right gang. Due to the investigation into the group, Spider has been trying to keep on Griff’s good side and pretend he’s in agreement with him, but could it be that he is putting himself in a seriously dangerous situation? Viewers seem to think so and have warned him to “be very careful”.

Peter Barlow (played by Chris Gascoyne) ended up going to the event after being invited by Griff (Michael Condron).

However, he had no idea what he was actually attending and was furious once he found out.

When he heard some of the messages the group was trying to spread, Peter was disgusted but Spider (Martin Hancock), had to play things down due to the investigation.

“Did you hear what they were singing?” Peter asked as he and Spider walked out of the venue. “Did you hear the lyrics?”

“I wasn’t listening, to be honest,” Spider replied casually.

As Griff found the two outside, he tried to convince the pair to go back in.

He’d decided Peter would make a good candidate to join his agenda and assumed he’d agree with their stance.

“The band are racist and they all sang along,” Peter snapped angrily.

As Griff tried to defend the band, Peter asked: “Are you telling me you didn’t notice?”

“I’m saying you’re overreacting,” Griff argued. Away from Peter, Spider tried to brush off the accusations.

“He’s looking for something to blame, it might be all the drinking in there, what with him being an ex-alcoholic,” he told Griff.

“He’s useful to us, don’t let him bail on us now,” Griff demanded threateningly.

Later, a fight almost broke out between Peter and one of Griff’s friends after he threatened to inform the police.

Peter had noticed the people who’d attended the event were fundraising for something, but wouldn’t tell him what.

Spider broke the row up, and when the pair returned to Weatherfield, Peter informed Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) why they had left while the officer again tried to dismiss his claims.

He told Toyah that Peter had misheard and that his accusations were wrong.

Although he is probably trying to stay on Griff’s good side so he can find out what the group is really up to, viewers were concerned for the popular character.

Will he be able to keep his true motives a secret from Griff and his dangerous pals?

Twitter user @ChurchieBoy1986 predicted: “Spider’s in trouble #Corrie.”

@itzzzo_ added: “It will backfire on Spider when Griff and the gang find out he isn’t on their side but is undercover and is working against them.”

@RyanGSoapKing11 echoed this, writing: “Spider playing with fire. I hope this doesn’t backfire on him. #Corrie.”

@Wee_Westie29 added: “Peter, Spider is trying to stop you from getting into serious trouble. #Corrie #CoronationStreet


“Griff saying you better not be playing me, to Spider, the undercover cop. #Corrie,” @itzzzo_ pointed out.

@RyanGSoapKing11 shared: “Be very careful Spider #Corrie.” (sic)

Could Spider end up in serious danger? It could be that Griff ends up finding out the truth about what he’s actually up to.

The dodgy character will probably plan some kind of revenge after realising Spider has betrayed his trust.

Could he lure him somewhere and try to kill him to stop him from investigating further and reporting back to the police?

It could be that the recently-returned character will end up leaving quicker than expected.

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 8pm on ITV.

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