Coronation Street’s Carla Connor almost dies when she hallucinates and follows Hayley Cropper's ghost up a fire escape

CORONATION Street’s Carla Connor almost dies when she hallucinates and follows Hayley Cropper's ghost and her dead brother Aiden up a fire escape.

Viewers will see the feisty star suffering a severe psychotic episode on the creaking stairs on Victoria Street.

In a daze of confusion, Carla believes she's talking to the long-gone pair – plus factory victim Rana Habeeb.

Her close friend Hayley, of course, died in 2014, while Aiden took his own life last year.

A Corrie insider explained: "Carla has suffered her fair share of heartache over the years and has come out fighting.

"However, the death of Rana on her factory premises has taken a toll on her mental health.

"Carla’s strong, assertive and headstrong but in the months since the Underworld roof collapse, which Carla blames herself for, we’ve seen her vulnerable, alone and facing a breakdown."

Suffering a whirlwind of stress, trauma and grief, Carla has been left battling psychosis – with her friends feeling powerless to help.

Viewers will see things from Carla's point of view as she climbs the fire escape in the groundbreaking storyline.

The insider added: "In recent weeks viewers have seen Carla’s behaviour growing increasingly erratic as she believes the world is turning against her and she has to get away from the street."

The plot has been put together with the help of mental health charity Mind.

Julia Lamb, from Mind’s Media Advisory Service, said: “Carla is a well-established, feisty character and her story shows how incredibly vulnerable people experiencing psychosis can be.

"When we worked with Coronation Street to develop her story, it was particularly important not to give Carla generic symptoms but to show it affects her individual character.

"For example, not looking after her appearance or even her diet the way she usually would.”

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