Coronation Street’s Imran was ‘murdered’ as fans certain culprit is dodgy Ben

Coronation Street fans are sure they’ve twigged Imran Habeeb’s murderer – and it isn’t Kevin Webster.

During Wednesday’s episode (June 1), Imran was pronounced dead at the scene after a horror car crash involving his wife Toyah, with CPR attempts failing.

Though Imran made it out of the car alive and managed to rescue Toyah, he collapsed soon afterwards.

Later, Toyah was interrogated by the police because she hadn’t applied the brakes when the car was careening towards the scaffolding – but she quickly suggested they may have been cut.

With Abi’s husband Kevin the one who tampered with the car originally, fingers were pointed to him, with the police arriving at his home shortly afterwards.

But eagle-eyed fans spotted a black car quickly driving past the wreckage of the car, and think Imran’s dodgy pal Ben could have done something to the car instead.

Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: “If Kevin had tampered with the brakes, how did Imran get to the police station without noticing the brakes not working? Someone (Ben?) has messed with the car while they were inside the station perhaps.

“Also, there was a black car checking the scene before the police came.”

Another quickly echoed: “Could Ben have actually messed with the car potentially after Kelly’s confrontation? If he thought Imran was in danger of confessing, landing them both in it?”

Someone else said: “#Corrie so I have a theory… the person who tampered with the brakes was Ben (the one who followed Abi). I could be wrong, I often am!”

“If the car had its brakes cut, I bet it was done by that Ben fella,” a fourth social media user penned.

As a fifth then posted: “It was definitely Ben who tampered with the car as payback!”

Ben was originally hired by Imran to lie about Abi using drugs so he could win custody of their son Alfie, but Kelly soon cottoned onto his lies.

And during the tense flashback scene of the accident, it appeared Imran had admitted all to Toyah – leaving some fans worried she crashed the car on purpose as revenge.

One theorised: “Very suspicious circumstances! I wonder if Toyah drove the car at the scaffolding in a rage?!”

“Does Toyah really not remember the lead up to the crash or is she still saying that so she doesn’t get done herself for dangerous driving potentially? Losing Elsie all over again if social services decide to give her yet another chance?” someone else wondered.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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