Corrie fans complain controversial cameras ruined dark David and Sinead scenes

Coronation Street fans have slammed controversial new cameras for 'ruining' tonight's explosive episodes.

David Platt was given the opportunity to get the ultimate revenge on his rapist, Josh Tucker, during a prison riot.

On the Street, terminally ill Sinead Tinker was celebrating a pretend final Christmas with her family.

She kicked Daniel Osbourne out of the flat after accusing him of 'bullying' her in uncomfortable scenes.

But viewers complained that the explosive moments were hard to watch because of the camera angles and picture quality.

Taking to Twitter to complain, one viewer said: "Has #Corrie employed new camera crew? I mean the angles and pictures are a bit bizarre tonight for some reason"

"I don't quite know what it is but there's something wonky with the @ITVCorrie camera quality tonight," added another.

A third said: "What is going on with the picture tonight? It's not good quality at all."

"Are they using a different camera or lens tonight on corrie, or do I need to go to specsavers," asked a fourth.

Corrie viewers were also in hysterics tonight over some comical editing during the dark scenes.

Just as Kirk Sutherland and Ken Barlow pulled a Christmas cracker – the action immediately cut to a fire extinguisher being smashed into a window.

Christmas classic 'Silent Night' continued to play as the prison riot broke out and the violent inmates started smashing everything in their site.

One viewer tweeted: "Absolute LOL at Xmas music over a prison riot"

"Can't take that riot seriously with the jolly christmas music playing," added another.

A third said: "FFS, Christmas music and riot scenes. What has happened to this show? Awful!!"

"The xmas music combined with a prison riot was extraordinary, "added a fourth.

The panicking guards ran away in fear for their safety, while cameras were destroyed and a fire was started in a cell.

Excited Abe wanted to take David to the medical ward so that Josh could "get what's coming to him."

But David retreated back to his cell, claiming he could not cause trouble because he wanted to get back to his family at home.

Later on, 'Sleigh Ride' was playing when Abe dragged a bloodied and beaten Josh into the cell.

Handing David some scissors, Abe said: "I bought you a present. No need to thank me. No CCTV. No guards."

Begging for mercy, Josh cried out: "I didn't do anything. It's all lies. I never touched anyone."

Will David get revenge on Josh by killing him?

*Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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