Dan Walker admits new role away from BBC Breakfast is ‘highlight of my career

Dan Walker lays out 'manic monday' for Team GB

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TV presenter, Dan Walker is well known for his coverage of the news on weekday mornings for BBC Breakfast along with co-star Louise Minchin. However, he will now be presenting this year’s BBC Olympics Breakfast show along with Hockey gold medallist Sam Quek.

As the coverage for the Tokyo Olympics has begun, Dan has been hosting a morning recap of the latest headlines for the games.

While the host admitted he will “miss” his regular co-host Louise, the opportunity to cover the Olympics was not one he could turn down.

He explained: “As a kid I ran around the house repeating lines from David Coleman.

“Every time I work on the Olympics it is the highlight of my career.

“Brits love the stories behind the Games. I can’t wait for it to start. I hope we start winning medals early.”

Dan added he will “miss” Louise “telling me off” over his jokes in the morning but thinks she will enjoy having time off to watch the games.

Unfortunately the BBC host will still be setting his alarm clock for the early hours of the morning.

He told The Mirror: “If I wasn’t working on it I would be getting up at crazy o’clock watching it anyway, so I may as well be working.”

With Tokyo eight hours ahead, Dan will be starting work at 2.30am in the morning to provide the latest headlines.

While the Olympics coverage on the BBC has only just begun, it has already come under fire from viewers at home.

Those watching at home on Saturday morning slammed the coverage as “unwatchable” as they didn’t feel it included enough live sport.

Presenters Dan and Sam played clips from the games so far and included commentary from guests in the studio.

But some viewers wanted to have the chance to watch more of the games live and complained the commentary got in the way.

Others argued they weren’t getting to see enough of the different sports with a lot of the morning’s coverage focussing on the men’s road race.

Taking to Twitter to comment, one posted: “Was looking forward to #OlympicBreakfast on #BBCBreakfast but it has been men on bikes for HOURS!

“Can’t you show some highlights of what has happened overnight or the gymnastics that you’ve relegated to the red button? #bored.”

Another added: “I don’t want to go back to the men’s road race! If there’s a reason you can’t broadcast the gymnastics, tell us. Stop ignoring everyone. #Tokyo2020 #gymnastics #bbc #bbcsport.”

A third continued: “Any chance of actually showing some live sport rather than listening to you two waffling in the studio? Not really interested that Vorderman sent a text.”

The Olympic coverage on BBC One begins daily from 5am.

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