Dark season 3: Was Adam really evil in Dark? Character’s true agenda explained

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Adam (played by Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) was an enigmatic figure who was introduced to Dark in season two. Fans were suspicious of him and wondered if he could be a force for good or evil. Express.co.uk look at his true agenda and motives in the Netflix show.

Was Adam really evil in Dark?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Viewers really struggled to figure out what Adam really wanted when he helped Jonas Kahnwald (played by Louis Hofmann) after he got stuck in the past.

There was scepticism surrounding his identity when he claimed to be the older version of Jonas, not least because he didn’t look like him.

Some suspected Adam might really be Bartosz Tiedemann (Paul Lux) and was simply using Jonas as a pawn.

This theory turned out to be half right, Adam was using Jonas like a chess piece but not in the way he thought.

However, Adam was indeed Jonas from the future – the man he would become in his desperate attempts to break the cycle.

Adam lied to Jonas and sent him back to 2019 to make sure events occurred just as they were supposed to.

He later turned up and murdered Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari), believing he was breaking the cycle with the deaths of her and the baby she was carrying.

Little did Adam know his actions were simply perpetuating the cycle and he didn’t have any control or influence over events.

By the end of season two, it seemed Adam was indeed an evil figure who wanted things to continue as they had always done with the apocalypse coming to Winden.

However, season three changed everything when it emerged Adam was actually trying to break the cycle and it was his nemesis Eva (Barbara Nüsse) who was trying to preserve it.

Adam and Eva were opposing forces, but each time Eva managed to keep the cycle or rather the Knot going forever.

If there were any evil figures, it was really Eva who was determined for her son the Unknown (Jakob Diehl) to survive even if it meant the end of the world.

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While Adam wasn’t evil, he did some questionable things such as ordering Agnes Nielsen (Antje Traue) to kill her brother Noah (Mark Waschke).

He also murdered Martha twice in the belief this would end the cycle, which it didn’t.

Additionally, he lied to Jonas and led to the death of his own father Michael Kahnwald (Sebastian Rudolf).

In the end, Adam redeemed himself during his conversation in the finale with Claudia Tiedemann (Lisa Kreuzer) who revealed how the Knot could finally be undone.

Adam and Claudia had the same objectives but he was too tightly woven into the fabric of the Knot, which meant he could never break it.

His actions would forever be pre-determined whereas Claudia had a lot more freedom and room to manoeuvre.

Ironically, Jonas – the young version of Adam – broke the Knot and ended the whole thing which made him a good force really.

Both Jonas and Martha broke the Knot and in doing so redeemed Adam and Eva in the process.

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