Doctor Who fans celebrate as they spot Father Ted comedy icon in latest episode

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Doctor Who fans were left ecstatic on Saturday evening, as a huge comedy icon made a surprise appearance in the latest episode.

The episode saw the return of the dangerous Daleks, which went as far as to exterminate the Doctor after her sonic screwdriver was proved useless against their growing knowledge.

Set against a contemporary backdrop of Earth celebrating New Year's Eve 2021, the Daleks were already causing death and destruction to characters across England, and took their first victim just minutes into the programme.

Pauline McLynn – best known for playing cajoling tea lady Mrs Doyle in iconic sitcom Father Ted – appeared as Sarah's (Aisling Bea) mother in the latest instalment of Doctor Who: Flux.

She is best known for her catchphrase 'Go on, go on, go on' when attempting to convince the priests to take a cup of tea or cake – as well as slapstick antics like falling from the roof on Craggy Island.

Stunned fans took to Twitter to showcase their astonishment, with one posting: "I can already tell the episode has peaked!" alongside a GIF of Mrs Doyle.

"OMG it's Mrs Doyle!" another chimed in, as a third fan echoed: "Pauline McLynn!"

Someone else posted: "Mrs Doyle in Eve of the Daleks! Ah go on go on go on!"

Pauline appeared in the episode via video call with Sarah, ringing her just before midnight "in case the lines got busy".

Sarah told her: "Mammy, it's four minutes to midnight. Every year, why are you calling me now?"

As her mum replied: "Well the lines will all be busy at midnight! New Year's Eve is the best time to meet a man! I met your father on New Year's Eve."

But Sarah snapped back at her: "No you didn't! And anyway, who says I want to meet a man?"

Pauline has, of course, enjoyed a long and lustrous career after Father Ted wrapped back in 1998.

As well as appearing in blockbusters and hit shows including Angela’s Ashes, Shameless and Johnny English Strikes Again, she took up a role on EastEnders from 2014 until 2015.

She played Yvonne Cotton in 27 episodes of the BBC soap, who had gotten pregnant by Nick Cotton when she was very young and went on to give birth to Charlie Cotton Jr.

Doctor Who fans were also impressed by the performance of another star, Aisling Bea – who they demanded be made a permanent companion.

Taking to Twitter, one impressed fan posted: "Big fan of Aisling Bea. She would make a good future companion to the Doctor."

Someone else agreed: "Cast Aisling Bea in series 14! I genuinely love her character – she gives so much Donna vibes!"

Another went even further as they tweeted: "Russell T Davies, can Aisling Bea be the next Doctor please?"

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