‘Dozens’ of Love Island hopefuls ‘axed after failing surprise drug test’

'Dozens' of Love Island hopefuls have reportedly been axed after failing a surprise drug test.

Keen to catch those who'd had a heavy weekend, execs apparently rolled out a battery of tests on a Monday morning after whittling down thousands of entrants to just the favourites.

And according to the Star on Sunday , many were found to have cocaine, ketamine and cannabis in their system.

“Contestants had to provide a urine sample, which was then tested. They weren’t warned, so it came as a surprise. But that’s the only way to do it. If people are told way in advance, they can take steps to avoid getting caught," a source told the newspaper.

“The dozens who were caught were gutted. Some of them were really good contenders who would have probably made it into the final line up."

It comes after former stars Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis both took their own lives after battling depression.

Last year Islanders were allegedly screened for sexually transmitted diseases, but this is the first time drug testing is believed to have taken place.

This year, bosses are offering a more robust aftercare package, including eight mandatory counselling sessions and 14 months of support.

Changes to the show's content are also expected, with the lie-detector having been scrapped following the suspected suicide of Jeremy Kyle guest Steve Dymond after he failed one.

Islanders are already banned from smoking on screen and the sex has been toned down. Now, the insider says the drug tests are another safeguard to protect those who enter the villa.

"People who take drugs regularly in the clubs on a Saturday night can come with a whole load of hidden physical and mental health problems. This year has been about seeking out clean living contestants," the source added.

"This year they have ensured every single person who enters the villa has passed
a drugs test. They want everyone to be mentally and physically healthy.”

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