Dr Hilary Jones thinks 'rule of six' is too many and wants it reduced to two

Dr Hilary Jones has said that he thinks the ‘rule of six’ is still too many people and claims it would be more beneficial to reduce the restriction to just two people.

Boris Johnson announced new lockdown restrictions across the UK on Monday, unveiling a new three-tiered system to try and curb a second wave of coronavirus cases.

Discussing the new plans in place, Piers Morgan argued that tier one, that works within a medium alert level, isn’t actually doing much. It involves following the ‘rule of six’ and a 10pm curfew is in place.

Dr Hilary then argued that he feels the ‘rule of six’ – allowing gatherings of six people inside and outside – is still ‘too many people’ and allows too many different households to mix.

‘Nobody wants to be in lockdown, nobody wants the pubs shut, but we are in the middle of a pandemic,’ he stressed.

The medical professional, who has been awarded an MBE, continued: ‘The bottom line is, it’s all about social distancing.

‘The rule of six – I’ve always said that’s too many. Those six people can disperse… meet with another five people. It doesn’t make any sense to me.’

Dr Hilary suggested that the rule should be revised and reduced to just two.

He said: ‘I’m much more in favour of restricting the number of people meeting indoors to two.’

Of the reported increase in cases of coronavirus across the UK, Dr Hilary said: ‘It’s very worrying… unless we do more, we’re going to see more cases because cases are still rising.’

There are currently 618,000 cases of coronavirus across the UK, while the number of deaths have now surpassed 42,800.

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