Eamonn Holmes slams disturbing Meghan Markle over charity speech

Meghan Markle delivers speech at One Young World Summit

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GB News hosts Eamonn Homes and Isabel Webster were joined by Kinsey Schofield to discuss Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to the UK. On Monday evening they attended the One Young World summit in Manchester where Meghan gave a key-note speech for the charity she fronts. However, Eamonn was left bewildered after guests were paying £1,000 a day to attend the summit and slammed Meghan’s “disturbing” choice to wear an expensive suit.

Eamonn asked: “The thing that is really disturbing to me, very confusing and I have just read many different reports on this.

“So she is fronting a charity, something about equality and poverty and she just doesn’t get it, she is in a £2,500 trouser suit as a result of that.

“Now equality and poverty and levelling up and just I hear these reports all the time, but I just want to know what this charity is?

“Because people attending, the One Young World summit, are paying £1,000 a day, it couldn’t be £1,000 a day, it must be for three days or so.

“But £1,000 to attend, yes it is £1,000 to attend a three-day event which does not include the cost of travelling to Manchester or accommodation.

“So who is attending this? By the time you pay for travel and accommodation, what the heck is this charity? I really genuinely am missing the whole point of where the poverty and where the equality front is in all of this.”

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