EastEnders bosses reveal 12 explosive return spoilers including a massive Christmas comeback

EASTENDERS bosses have revealed 12 massive spoilers ahead of the soap's return next month.

The BBC soap has been off screens for three months due to the pandemic and ended with Sharon Watts and Ian Beale taking control of the Queen Vic.

It returns to screens on September 7 and there are some explosive plots coming up.

Head of continuing drama Kate Oates and executive producer Jon Sen have spilled all to The Sun Online about what viewers can expect.

Ian Beale's guilt revealed in explosive scenes

Viewers know Ian Beale is responsible for Dennis Mitchell’s death, Dotty knows it too – and she’s going to want that exposed to Sharon.

Kate revealed: “Ian and Sharon have taken over the Vic and Sharon doesn’t know Ian’s role in Denny’s death – that’s an unexploded bomb. 

“As he becomes increasingly unpopular, she is defending him which is an interesting situation.”

Surprising new relationships

It’s not going to be the same old, same old when the soap returns – relationships are being shaken up.

Kate has revealed how characters will be getting together with completely unexpected partners in the coming months – and the last time that happened Ballum was born.

Kate teased: “There are some really refreshing partnerships and different character dynamics. 

“Friendships, relationships you perhaps hadn’t considered. That leads to really exciting storylines – there’s some big surprises in there.”

Mick Carter's anxiety explained

Former pub landlord Mick suffered horrendous anxiety attacks last year and couldn’t cope with what was happening in his life.

The soap hasn’t forgotten about them and when it returns they will be explored in more depth as the couple try and live away from the Vic.

Kate said: “We have a big story for the Carters which plays into Mick’s anxiety storyline – it puts it a lot into context where it came from and the background of that.”

Chantelle's torture in lockdown

Of everyone in Walford, Chantelle Atkins is the one lockdown has been hardest on with her husband Gray becoming more abusive and monstrous while they’re all locked up.

She will visit a solicitor and hatch a plan to escape from him with the kids, but she manage it?

All Kate would say is: “Chantelle hasn’t had it easy – that’s huge.”

Bobby Beale struggling to cope

Bobby Beale hasn’t exactly had a charmed life since he killed his sister and then left his mum paralysed and too traumatised to be around him.

Prison didn’t help him, though he found some comfort in his new Islamic faith.

But even that couldn’t help him when he began to suffer from a serious mental illness and started seeing hallucinations of his dead sister Lucy.

So it will come as no surprise to anyone that Bobby is suffering in lockdown and has been tested.

Kate explained: “Bobby hasn’t had it easy so that plays into the Beale family storyline.”

Ben and Callum set for trouble

After spending lockdown apart – Callum has been fast-tracked into the police and Ben is up to his old tricks.

Actor Tony Clay has teased how the fan-favourite couple will cope with all the twists and turns coming their way.

He said: “Callum has been fast tracked in the police, he’s full blown now in the mix, starting his new career. 

“Naturally that causes its own issues down the line. He is always trying to do the right thing but the heart wants what the heart wants. And then you have Ben and his dad – he couldn’t have picked any worse! 

“You will see a new side of him – he is growing into himself and his new job and the adventures he will have.”

A HUGE return at Christmas

There will be a dramatic Christmas return for a legendary character.

Kate said: “We have an exciting return planned and it’s going to be part of a huge long running story.”

Kate also revealed that the story was so far developed that they are already in the second draft stage of the scripts for Christmas.

And she heaped praise on executive producer Jon Sen who is already well into planning the next Christmas bombshells.

She added: “Jon is so organised we kind of know what we are doing the Christmas after. 

“We have really long arcs with a lot of hot points. We’re very much on its way to completion. EastEnders Christmas is very much on the agenda.”

Could it be Janine Butcher?

Mica Paris is connected to Denise Fox

Songstress Mica Paris is joining the soap and now it’s been confirmed that her character is someone from Denise’s past.

Jon teased: “We have got a great story for Denise – the new arrival to the Square is part of that. 

“It really pushes Denise – those Trueman stories are amazing. 

“Anybody who knows anything about her history will probably know where we’re going with that, the past comes back to part of it.”

Stacey Slater’s comeback

Stacey has been absent from the Square for months while actress Lacey Turner was on maternity leave but now she’s back with a bang.

Jon teased: “The big one is Stacey – we have been waiting for her to come back. 

“We have really missed her energy in the Slaters so the first two weeks we tease a mystery – where is she? 

“Are all of these things on the going on the Square to do with her then she’s back with a bang. 

“There are some fantastic Stacey scenes – especially when she finds out about Martin and Ruby.”

Honey's back – and growing closer to Jay Brown

Honey Mitchell rushed back to Walford before lockdown and has been hunkering down in the flat share with Jay Brown and her children.

Despite months apart – while Honey actress Emma Barton was on tour with Strictly – everything’s going well for them.

But she has been growing closer to Jay… which could mean all manner of things.

Ian's making enemies

Ian Beale is going to be public enemy number one with a lot of Walford’s residents when the show returns.

The tight-fisted businessman was never going to do well in lockdown with his businesses not turning a profit, but it seems he’s going to rub pretty much everyone up the wrong way.

“Ian is creating lots of enemies,” Jon teased.

And with the news actor Adam Woodyatt will be taking ten weeks off, what will happen to Ian? 

First socially-distanced stunt

While Coronation Street may have claimed the world’s first socially distanced stunt, the BBC soap isn’t far behind.

And it is left to Tony Clay’s Callum Highway to do the honour.

He teased: “They brought two people in – I had to run through the Square and arrest someone. 

“A lot of running for me – I’m fit as a fiddle now. My steps are through the roof now. It was lovely to come back, we shot that in the first week. 

“We’re doing what we were doing before. Business as usual.

"It was lovely to know we can pick up and make a really brilliant TV show. That was a real eye opener.”

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