EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks confirms Janine's new love interest – and he's 'very easy on the eye'

EASTENDERS legend Charlie Brooks has exclusively told The Sun how her character Janine Butcher will enter into a fling with buff Albert Square resident Zack Hudson (James Farrar).

Fans have already seen the duo flirting but things will heat up between them later this month.

Talking to The Sun at this year's National Television Awards, Charlie said: "Coming up next week we have big fire scenes and there is definitely a love interest with someone who is very easy on the eye, Zack.

"There are lots of strong female relationships when I rub up against them in the pub. Jessie Wallace who plays Cat (Slater) is an amazing actress, same with Lacy Turner its been really fantastic."

Next week viewers will watch as Janine becomes trapped in Phil Mitchell's burning house after tracking down her nine-year-old daughter Scarlet (Tabitha Byron) who was hiding.

However, Charlie, 40, says as well as the dark plot lines she wants Janine to enjoy the fun side of life and open a drag bar.

The actress, who returned to the show earlier this month after a seven year break, continued: "I would like to see Janine running a club with load of drag queens and have little Scarltt in there with us. You know, like RuPaul.

"When I got the call to go back I was just like 'where has she been and what has she been up to?'

"That is what I am really interested in looking at, the evolution of Janine.

"That's their job really but I do like to give ideas. Sometimes they are like 'nah' but sometimes they say yes."

"I did have suggestions for the script writers and if they listen to you that's great and if they don't, that's great.


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