EastEnders fans fear Bernie’s baby will DIE as diet pill addiction reaches terrifying new low

EASTENDERS fans feared that Bernie Taylor's baby will DIE after her diet pill addiction reached a terrifying new low.

The teenager – who is played by actress Clair Norris in the BBC soap – has been taking illegal diet pills despite being pregnant.

In tonight's episode, Bernie came clean about her dangerous habit after she collapsed in the street.

The worried teen refused a fry-up breakfast from mum Karen and continued to scoff the pills unaware of the danger.

She later tells Tiffany Butcher that she had lost more weight and thanks her for buying the pills.

However, at the café Bernie begins to feel unwell and appears lightheaded, which prompts Gray to reveal to her boss Kheerat that she's pregnant.

Leaving the cafe with Gray, Bernie becomes increasingly pale and sweaty.

Shen then collapses on the street and is forced to tell the truth when she'squizzed about the medication she's taking.

The sobbing teen revealed: "I had to lose weight, you know that.

"If I hadn't you wouldn't have agreed to this.

"Nothing else was working, I've been taking some diet pills."

Brother Keegan Baker fumed at Rainie: "Look what you've done to her!"

A shocked Rainie replied: "I didn't know anything about this."

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Bernie then revealed that Tiffany has been the one who has been buying her the pills, leaving Keegan gobsmacked.

BBC One fans have predicted that Bernie will lose her baby after her pill addiction spirals out of control.

One wrote: "Now Bernie has to tell them she practically forced Tiffany to get her the pills."

Another posted: "Here we go… Bernie and her diet pills are going to make her collapse and lose the baby soon."

A third added: "Bernie is a fool."

The teen agreed be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart for cash and has been begging Tiffany to get her diet pills over the last few months.

Fans have been horrified at the risk she's been taking – even demanding stronger pills from Tiffany.

Talking about Bernie’s decision to go ahead with the surrogacy, Claire Norris – who plays Bernie – told Digital Spy: "At the start it was definitely to do with money.

"She's been feeling the the pressure of being the oldest one in the household – Keano isn't there anymore and Keegan is living with Tiff.

"They've had money troubles, Bailey went missing and I think Bernie took it upon herself and believes that it's her responsibility to go out and get some money.

"Of course, she happens to go down the more exaggerated route but that's the opportunity that came up and she just went for it.

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