EastEnders fans in stitches as Stacey Slater shares unusual OnlyFans username

EastEnders fans couldn’t contain their amusement when they stumbled upon Stacey Slater's saucy alter ego on OnlyFans.

Portrayed by the talented Lacey Turner, Stacey's financial woes have driven her to take a daring leap into the world of Secret Cam, a spicy platform akin to OnlyFans, where she has been peddling saucy photos of herself.

Fans were treated to a sneak peek of Stacey's profile on Monday and Tuesday night (May 23), but their jaws hit the floor when they discovered her username.

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Revealing a steamy snapshot of Stacey topless, her X-rated account proudly sported the moniker 'Iceskater95.'

Eagle-eyed viewers instantly recognized the comical reference after the iconic nickname 'Stacey Slater ice skater,' first coined by none other than her beloved mum Jean on the popular soap over a decade ago.

Since then, fans have playfully embraced the moniker, and now it's resurfaced in Stacey’s username.

Naturally, social media exploded like a barrel of laughs as fans flocked to share their amusement.

One ecstatic viewer couldn't help but declare, "I'm in stitches! Stacey's OnlyFans name, 'Iceskater95,' is absolute gold!"

Echoing the sentiment, another fan chimed in: "I can't stop laughing! Stacey's username is pure genius. # EastEnders never fails to entertain!"

A third fan gleefully added: "Stacey's cheeky username, 'IceSkater95,' just made my day! #EastEnders knows how to keep us hooked," while a fourth penned: “You've got to hand it to Stacey – her onlyfans username is a stroke of brilliance! I'm rolling with laughter!"

Stacey was crushed by Lily's shocking revelation that her account had been spread around the entire school.

The rest of the family gathered at her house to take in the news, with Lily storming off and branding her a “slapper”.

Lola's spirits plummeted as her speech slurred and the reality of her prognosis sank in.

She distanced herself from Janet and William, while Honey struggled with her conflicting emotions.

Phil devised a plan for Janet to revise for her exams at Peggy's, away from the emotional turmoil.

Jay sought solace from Reverend Mills, who provided comforting religious insights to Lola.

Inspired, Lola decided to get baptized, driven by Lexi's concerns about their reunion in heaven.

Whitney convinced Chelsea to resolve the issues with Finlay, Felix, and Zack, and they all participated in the quiz. However, Chelsea's attention was diverted by Ravi, who was seen drinking alone. Later, her friends urged her to give him a final opportunity to clarify himself.

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