EastEnders' Nasty Nick star John Altman desperate to join A-list dating site Raya to find a girlfriend

EASTENDERS legend John Altman is gagging to join A-list dating site Raya to find a girlfriend – but says his phone has rejected the exclusive app.

The 69-year-old actor, who played Albert Square villain ‘Nasty’ Nick Cotton on and off for two decades between 1985 and 2015, wants some romance in his life and he is ready to sign up to the exclusive celebrity dating app to find his Mrs Right.   

He said: “It’s not easy in the current climate with the lockdown and everything, all the lovely ladies are locked away somewhere.   

“I’ve been thinking of getting on one of those dating websites, which I’ve never done, all my relationships have been through meeting people naturally.    

“I’m still not convinced by them, although I know they have worked for a lot of people.    

“I was trying to get on Raya, my agent suggested that, but my phone wouldn’t accept it. But I’m going to have another go on that.”   

The actor has a list of requirements for his ideal woman, and top of that list is that she is clean and tidy because he is a total neat freak.   

John – who recently released an album, 'Never Too Late To Rock and Roll, and has a new single out called 'Looking For The Love of My Life' – said: "I’ve lived long enough to know you’re not going to find the perfect person, you must realise that. But I’m looking for a certain amount of things.   

“I love swimming for example and cycling, going to the movies, powerful rock music. I’m also quite tidy and very clean too, I clean my teeth twice a day and I floss. All those little things are quite important. These things can get up your nose, like if a woman fails to clean her teeth, that could become a huge issue and ruin a relationship so that’s quite important, it’s the little things that count.   

“Things like leaving the top off the toothpaste, it’s funny the things that can cause a row. Or people not changing the toilet roll, I find that irritating too because it only takes two seconds, I don’t know why people don’t do it, it’s a lazy streak I suppose. Doing the washing up too. I don’t expect them to be perfect, it’s the little things.”   

And John – who was married to Bridget Poodhun from 1986 to 1997 – wants a feminine lady who keeps herself looking beautiful with make-up and smelling fragrant with perfume.   

He added: “I want a lady with a good sense of humour, love of the movies, love of travelling. I like a woman to be feminine, I like make-up, I like perfume. Some me don’t, my dad didn’t like perfume.” 

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